Saints Nation: The Top 10 Most Valuable Saints in 2013

Every year in May I revisit the roster to designate the ten players on the team that stand out as most important. This is the fifth time I’ve done this exercise and every year there seems to be a lot of shifts and changes, but there is always one constant: Drew Brees at the top. […]

Saints Nation Podcast: Can Saints’ Front Office Build a 3-4 Defense?

Andrew Juge of the Saints Nation joins Ralph to discuss Johnny Patrick and Dave Thomas getting released. Is the Saints front office capable of building a 3-4 defense based on their draft record? How many old veteran defensive players is too many to sign in free agency? What will the Saints do at outside linebacker […]


Saints Nation: NFL’s Top 100 Free Agents of 2013

This time last year, the Saints had the top two free agents in the NFL as well as three in the top 15 (Brees, Nick and Colston). This year the only player that's even listed in CBS' top 100 free agents is Jermon Bushrod at #37. This should make for a less stressful offseason from […]


Saints Nation: Saints’ Offensive Player Grades vs. Panthers

Losing sucks. While the offense scored a healthy 31 points and were helped out by a pick 6, they were not totally immune from blame. The balance was piss poor (43 passes to 18 rushes) and lack of execution in the 1st and 3rd quarter allowed long stretches for their opponent to dig in. Still, […]


Saints Nation: Saints Lose to Panthers 38-44, Finish Season 7-9

It's hard to walk away from that game and try to come up with much that's objective or even positive as a Saints fan. The team borderline quit, especially on defense, and turned in what I considered both their worst performance of the season and their biggest implosion. After a 24-13 lead and a ridiculous […]


Saints Nation: 5 Things to Look For in Panthers @ Saints

The Saints will conclude their 2012 campaign and I have mixed emotions about it. Like any NFL season, including the Super Bowl winning 2009 season, I don't want it to end. So there's a fair amount of sadness attached to my Sundays opening up again and a big void being placed in my fanhood. Conversely, […]


Saints Nation: Saints Re-Sign Sean Payton to 5 Year Deal

Don't lie, even if you were sold on there being no doubt Sean Payton would return as the coach of the Saints, a small part of you was nervous. I know I was. As much as you want to talk about loyalty, or not leaving the Saints in this condition, eventually Sean Payton will leave. […]

Saints Nation Guru: Fan Predictions for Panthers Game!

It's now a three way tie in the standings with Eliza18s taking the title last week. We now have JamesMorse, MarijnPessers and Eliza18s vying for the title, with a few still having a shot at getting in the mix in this final week.  We'll talk more about breaking the tie when the season is over. […]


Saints Nation: Thomas Morstead and Jahri Evans to Pro Bowl

Pro Bowl rosters were announced and only two Saints players made it to the starting roster this year. Guard Jahri Evans is headed to the game for the fourth year in a row, and punter Thomas Morstead who is one game away from breaking the all time net yards average record for a season is […]


Saints Nation: Offensive Player Grades @ Cowboys

There is no question the better team won this game on Sunday. The Saints' offense move the ball well and struck perfect balance. The offensive line played well, and while numerous mistakes were made, reflected in a very up and down game, the end result was 34 points scored in a win. What's not to […]


Saints Nation: Saints Escape Dallas with Overtime Victory, 34-31

A victory with mixed emotions for the second consecutive week as the Saints won 34-31 in Dallas. On this same day they were eliminated from any chance at the playoffs due to a Vikings win, and we're left wondering why they couldn't play like this more consistently this season. It was a game full of […]


Saints Nation: 5 Things to Look For in Saints @ Cowboys

After drubbing the Bucs 41-0, I'm anxious to see the Saints play another team fighting for their playoff lives, this time on the road. Was the Bucs game an abberation of the 2012 season or have the Saints truly turned a corner? The Saints need to win out and need a massive amount of help […]


Saints Nation Guru: Fan Predictions for Cowboys Game!

Ladies and gentlemen we now have a tie atop the standings! JamesMorse is our Saints Nation Guru this week for his predictions last week and he's now tied with MarijnPessers for the lead with two season wins, so it's no longer lonely at the top. Marijn asked me how the $50 gift card works if […]

Saints Nation Podcast: Burning the Bucs to the Ground Edition

Andrew Juge of The Saints Nation stops by to recap the Glorious @#$ kicking of Tampa. Ralph wanted 5-11 when he was heading to the game but it was really nice to have just  great 3 hour fun fest in this awful season. The ceiling on Joe Morgan is what? Andrew gives the Saints credit […]


Saints Nation: Defensive and Special Teams Player Grades vs. Bucs

What a fantastic performance by the Saints defense, led by improbable heroes in backup defensive backs that haven't really gotten much of a chance all season. To hold Doug Martin to 16 yards on 9 carries was worthy of the Baltimore Ravens' defense in their prime. This defense stuffed the run, clogged passing lanes, got […]


Saints Nation: Offensive Player Grades vs. Bucs

  The Saints could have put together one scoring drive and it would have been enough to give them the win, that's how good their defense played. Of course, it also helped that the offense run the ball well, had explosive plays in the passing game, and stayed efficient without turning the ball over one […]


Saints Nation: Saints Annihilate Bucs 41-0

This may have just been the biggest beatdown short of the 62-3 win over the Colts last season that I have ever seen the Saints put down on a team in my lifetime. While it does nothing to satisfy my postseason aspirations when the season began, and it also does nothing to help the Saints' […]