Week 8 scouting report: Green Bay Packers

At this point I am no longer going to try to predict what we will see from this team from week to week. One minute they look like one of the most dominant teams in the league (56 minutes of Sunday), and then they detonate all that hard work in two awful plays. One was […]


Saints Nation Guru – Week 8 – Packers

First of all, here is the long awaited Saints Nation Guru artwork made by Cody Jones. It looks awesome! Follow him an get in contact with him if you want to outsource some designer work! His twitter account is 


Saints Nation Bold Predictions – Packers – Week 8

I loved you guys joining in and adding to the bold predictions! The Lewis pick 6 came close.. Pick was true, the 6 was not. Andrew Doyle’s week 5 prediction of the Saints winning the rest of the season was true for nearly 2 games. Not the rest of the season. Seems Payton needs to […]

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Saints tickets 33% above average for Packers game

The New Orleans Saints have quite a test on their hands in Week 8, as they welcome Aaron Rodgers and the high-flying Green Bay Packers to town. It’s a classic matchup of two of the game’s best quarterbacks, guiding two of the league’s most potent offenses. These Saints/Packers clashes almost always yield a ton of […]


Saints’ Defensive and Special Teams Player Grades at Lions

Without a doubt this was the best half of football the defense has played all year. In the second half, well, they did their part to help the team go down in flames as the Saints blew a gimme of a win. The Saints were very effective against the run and look no further than […]


Podcast: Saints Meltdown in Detroit

Kevin, Andrew and Ralph recap the carnage in Detroit including Drew Brees performance Kevin thinks the Saints defense played as well as possible vs. the Lions Andrew explains why the Saints miss Jabari Greer so much Is Marques Colston back? Andrew wonders if they will ever get a road win again Ralph explains why he […]


Offensive Player Grades at Lions

23 points on the #1 defense in the NFL isn’t that bad. They moved the ball pretty well on a number of drives, too. Still, the offense had this game handed to them on a silver platter numerous times by the defense and they couldn’t close. In fact, they played a heavy hand in sabotaging […]


Saints suffer inexplicable loss 24-23 to Lions

The Saints are now 2-4, somehow, and all we can chalk this up to is some sort of road voodoo. The Saints were up 23-10 and in complete control of this game until a comedy of errors and referee contribution helped the Lions pull off the improbable comeback. This loss hurts worse than the Falcons game […]


Five Things to Look for in Saints @ Lions

The bye week was fun and all but I’ve been desperate for some Saints football. I will admit that sitting on an overtime walk off win for two weeks has been much easier to tolerate than some bye weeks in the past. In just a handful of hours the Saints will be back to their season […]


New Users Guide: Brandin Cooks

I have spent so much time railing against the way Brandin Cooks has been used the last few weeks that I thought it was only right that I put down what I know about him and his skillset. Let’s be clear on something though; I am in no way saying I have a better understanding […]


Saints Nation Guru – Week 7 – Lions

So our favorite designer and friend Cody Jones has not only designed the Saints Nation Bold Predictions logo but now is also working on the Saints Nation Guru logo. It should be ready soon! He is truly a great guy and you should follow him or hire him to design some of your needs. You […]

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A look ahead on the Saints schedule

The New Orleans Saints got off to a shaky start in 2014, losing their first two games before patching things up and settling on a 2-3 mark going into a week six bye. Their struggles have continued on the road, while Rob Ryan’s solid defense of 2013 has turned mostly to mush in 2014. While […]


Saints Nation Bold Predictions – Lions – Week 7

First of all I would like to thank Cody Jones for making the new Saints Nation Bold Prediction graphic! He is a great guy, super Saints fan and dashing designer. If you got some designer work you want to outsource, send him a message on his twitter account (


After the bye part two: how we can fix our issues

After five games the flaws in this team are pretty apparent; the defense is awful, the o-line can’t pass protect, the receivers can’t get open or can’t catch, and our coach needs to go full on Benjamin Button Stat! Is all lost at this point? Nope. We play in a disaster of a division and […]


Podcast: Detroit Lions Preview

The boys preview the Saints trip to Detroit plus Andrew breaks down how the loss of Jimmy Graham affects the passing game Message Board Kevin weighs in on Graham’s toughness Dave predicts the rest of Mark Ingram’s 2014 Does Sean Payton know the Identity of the 2014 Saints New Segment: When Ralph texts Andrew instead […]