Top 101 All Time Saints Players, 60-69

We continue with our feature of the top 101 Saints players in history going through 60-69 today. To this point we’ve featured a lot of special teamers, mostly because they figured lower on the list. As we move forward you’ll be seeing less of those. You’ll notice a couple controversial players still on this list of ten.

69. QB Aaron Brooks (2000-2005)


By far in my opinion the most polarizing player in team history. He divided supporters from haters among the fan base and created a tumultuous environment during his time with the team. His talent was undeniable and his statistics were quite good. His nonchalance in the face of adversity was not viewed as a positive, though, as most took it for apathy. He had a strange habit of smiling and laughing after a turnover and that infuriated the fan base. All that said he remains the first quarterback in team history to orchestrate a playoff win. He’s still just one of only two team quarterbacks to win in the playoffs. He’s third all time in team history in passing yards, second in touchdowns, third in wins, and fourth in rating (minimum 300 passes). He had a rare blend of size, speed and uncanny arm strength. A throwing arm injury would derail his career. I would say he had the best raw talent of any quarterback to ever wear a Saints jersey.

68. DE Doug Atkins (1967-1969)


The Saints do not retire numbers anymore but for decades 81 was one of two numbers the Saints had unavailable in honor of Atkins (Jim Taylor’s 31 is the other). Atkins came to the Saints in the twilight of his career after being an 8 time Pro Bowler and a two time NFL Champion. While he was one of the very elite players in the league at that time, he declined a bit by the time he joined the Saints. He still did manage three good seasons with the Saints notwithstanding. Most notably he was designated as a second team all pro in 1968 and he finished his career in 1969 preserving a 27-24 Saints win over the Steelers in his final game by sacking the quarterback on his last play ever.

67. WR Quinn Early (1991-1995)


Early was a ridiculously good receiver that didn’t get involved in the offense nearly enough. Every time the ball came his way he seemed to make plays. He’s 9th in team history in yards receiving and 8th in receiving touchdowns. Many felt he was held back by an offense with conservative play calling. His best season was his last in New Orleans with 81 receptions, 1,087 yards and 8 touchdowns.

66. RB Reggie Bush (2006-2010)


Bush didn’t live up to the hype as a Heisman trophy winner and 2nd overall draft selection, but while inconsistent, he was still a very productive player that helped the Saints win a Super Bowl in 2009. He finished 7th in team history in receptions as a receiver and 11th in rushing yards. He’s 11th all time in career touchdowns, too, as he had a knack for finding the end zone. His four career punt returns for touchdowns is also the most in team history.

65. DE Darren Howard (2000-2005)


Howard was the first pick in the second round (33rd overall) in the 2000 draft. The Saints didn’t have a first round pick that year so he was the first selection of the Jim Haslett era. His rookie season he made an immediate impact with 11 sacks and he played a critical role on the team that won the first playoff game in team history. He ranks 10th all time in Saints history with 44.5 sacks and had two double digit sack seasons.

64. WR Robert Meachem (2007-2011, 2013-present)

Seattle Seahawks v New Orleans Saints

Meachem left the team to get a massive contract with the Chargers, only to flop there and return to the team last season. Meachem’s speed and big play ability earned his a 1st round selection in the 2007 draft. While he never developed into an elite receiver worthy of that selection, his big play ability has been critical to the Saints, especially during the 2009 Super Bowl season. His fumble strip/recovery touchdown in a comeback win over the Redskins remains one of the most memorable plays of that season. Meachem ranks 13th in yards and 9th in touchdowns receiving in team history. He’s also third in team history in yards per catch (minimum 90 catches). His best season came in 2009 when he had 722 yards receiving and 9 touchdowns.

63. DE Cameron Jordan (2011-present)



He’s only been in the league three seasons but it’s already clear that if he signs a long term deal after next season he’ll be one of the best defensive linemen in Saints history. Jordan is a complete player that is equally dominant stopping the run as he is pass rushing. He is coming off his best season with 12.5 sacks which sent him to his first Pro Bowl.

62. DE Bruce Clark (1982-1988)


Clark was a one time Pro Bowler in 1984 thanks to a 10.5 sack season. His career 39.5 sacks is good for 12th in team history. At the time you just didn’t see the blend of power and speed in most defensive ends, but Clark had the unique blend at the time that made him special.

61. ST Fred McAfee (1991-1993, 2000-2006)



The Saints originally drafted McAfee as a running back and as a rookie he was actually pretty good as he rushed for 494 yards at 4.5 yards a carry as a backup. As his production as a back faded, he made a niche of his career as a special teamer. After being a star for the Steelers he returned to New Orleans where he set the standard around the league for special teams play. During his second stint with the Saints he had runs of 40 and 53 yards on 4th down snaps to the upback, and he made the Pro Bowl in 2002 for the first and only time.

60. G Brad Edelman (1982-1989)


Edelman was a premiere blocker who played his whole career with the Saints. He made the Pro Bowl one time in 1987 as part of the first playoff team in Saints history. At 6’6″ he had rare height for his position at the time and he towered over defenders using his size to dominate the interior.

Previous players:

70. K Doug Brien

71. C Jonathan Goodwin

72. WR Devery Henderson

73. CB Mike McKenzie

74. FB Tony Galbreath

75. ST Steve Gleason

76. K Tom Dempsey

77. KR Tyrone Hughes

78. T Kyle Turley

79. P Mitch Berger

80. ST Bennie Thompson

81. LB Scott Fujita

82. T Jon Stinchcomb

83. CB Eric Allen

84. P Brian Hansen

85. T Zach Strief

86. CB Jabari Greer

87. WR Donte Stallworth

88. LB Curtis Lofton

89. CB Fred Thomas

90. LB Scott Shanle

91. RB Tony Baker

92. C John Hall

93. QB Jim Everett

94. C Steve Korte

95. TE John Tice

96. FB Mike Karney

97. RB Andy Livingston

98. FB Hokie Gajan

99. LB Keith Mitchell

100. DE/OLB Renaldo Turnbull

101. KR Mel Gray


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