Top 101 All Time Saints Players, 20-29

As we wait impatiently for Jimmy Graham to sign on the dotted line, we can at least celebrate that even if he never plays for the Saints again he’s already at #20 on my all time list. After this run of 10 players we’ll be left with only the top 19 and this exercise will mercifully come to a close. The end is nigh.

29. WR Wes Chandler (1978-1981)



Chandler made a big mark during his short time with the Saints. He made the Pro Bowl in 1979 with a 65 catch 1,069 yard season with 6 touchdowns. Chandler was a star receiver with enormous potential but unfortunately the Saints traded him to the Chargers where his career blossomed even further. He’s 11th in team history in yards. Many old guard Saints fans will tell you that from a pure talent perspective Chandler was the best receiver the team ever saw.

28. CB Dave Whitsell (1967-1969)


Despite just three seasons in New Orleans, Whitsell is 5th in team history with 19 career interceptions. Those were his final three seasons in the league and he did go to the Pro Bowl in 1967. His 10 interceptions in 1967 is a single season team record. He’s one of the very few success stories from the 60s, and his 1967 season remains the best ever by a Saints defensive back.

27. RB George Rogers (1981-1984)


He only played four seasons with the Saints, but he was so dominant in that short time frame that he is second all time in rushing yards and 6th in rushing touchdowns. He holds the single season Saints record for most rushing yards with 1,674 yards in 1981. He also had 13 rushing touchdowns that year which is tied for the most rushing touchdown ever in team history for a season. He made the Pro Bowl twice and had two 1,000 yard seasons with the Saints. You could easily argue his 1981 season is the best ever by a Saints running back.

26. TE Hoby Brenner (1981-1993)




Brenner played his entire career with the Saints and he made the Pro Bowl once in 1987. Brenner was a complete tight end that was a good receiver and an excellent blocker. He’s 11th in team history in receptions, but 2nd as a tight end. He’s 8th in team history in yards receiving and had an impressive 14.4 yards per catch average which is astronomical for a tight end. He’s third in team history among tight ends in touchdowns scored. And he’s 6th all time in team history in games played with 175. His best season was 1985 when he had 42 receptions for 652 yards and 3 touchdowns. He also scored 6 touchdowns in 1984.

25. C Joel Hilgenberg (1984-1993)



Hilgenberg was an excellent and very underrated center for the duration of his 10 year career with the Saints. He’s 13th in team history in games played with 142 and he made the Pro Bowl in 1992. Honestly he deserved to go to a few more. The Saints’ offensive line in many of those seasons was one of the very best in the NFL and Hilgenberg was the anchor up the middle.

24. G Jim Dombrowski (1986-1996)


Dombrowski is 9th in games played at 152 and he played his entire career with the Saints as well. He played alongside Hilgenberg in many of those seasons and they formed a formidable interior duo. Many label Marques Colston as the best Saints player to never make a Pro Bowl, but I put Dombrowski right up there with him. As good as he was for such a long time it’s an absolute travesty he never made one because he was as good of a lineman as there was in the league. The Saints could always count on a rock solid performance from Dombrowski and he was extremely durable during his 11 seasons with the team.

23. LB Jonathan Vilma (2008-2013)


Vilma was the leader, captain and driving force behind the 2009 Super Bowl champion defense. He made the Pro Bowl twice in 2009 and 2010 as a dominant interior linebacker that made plays all over the field. He’s 12th in team history in total tackles and #1 in the hearts of many Saints fans.

22. S Sammy Knight (1997-2002)


Knight is arguably the best defensive playmaker and ballhawk in team history. The guy just had a knack for creating turnovers. He made the Pro Bowl one time in 2001. He’s 3rd in team history in interceptions and 15th in team history in fumble recoveries. He had 5 interceptions or more every single season with the Saints except in 1999. He missed only 2 games during his entire tenure with the Saints and his best season was in 2001 when he had 6 interceptions and 5 fumble recoveries, creating 11 turnovers for his team.

21. RB Dalton Hilliard (1986-1993)



Hilliard was my favorite player as a kid, especially being a former LSU product. He made one Pro Bowl in 1989 and that was one of the best seasons in team history by a running back. Not only did he rush for 1,262 yards and 13 touchdowns but he caught 52 passes for 514 yards and 5 touchdowns. His 18 touchdowns that season were an NFL best and that remains a single season record in team history. While that was by far his best season, he was an always reliable tough inside runner, a great pass catcher, and a good blocker when needed. During his 1989 season he also threw for a touchdown on a halfback pass as he had a great arm. He was labeled around the league as a “triple threat” because he could throw so well, and he threw for 4 touchdowns in 7 career passes. He was just one of those athletes that did everything well. Hilliard is 2nd in team history in rushing attempts and 3rd in rushing yards. He’s 2nd in team history in rushing touchdowns, 3rd in total touchdowns and also 12th in team history in career receptions.

20. TE Jimmy Graham (2010-present)

graham again


Jimmy Graham is already 6th in team history in receptions and 7th in receiving yards. He’ll continue to re-write the record books as he goes. He’s already made the Pro Bowl in 2 of his 4 seasons. In 2011, his 99 receptions is a single season team record. His 16 touchdown receptions in 2013 is also a Saints single season record, by 5 touchdowns. He’s also tied for second with 11. In 4 seasons he’s already 6th in team history in touchdowns scored. Once that contract is done hopefully he’ll retire a Saint and move into the top 10 (or 5) by the time he’s done.

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