Saints sign Fullback Erik Lorig, does this mean the end for Jed Collins?

Being the team with the least amount of cap room in the entire league currently isn't stopping the Saints from making moves. Indeed, the team has signed Erik Lorig to a four year contract. Lorig has been part of the Bucs as a starter and lead blocker for the last four seasons. The move would seem to indicate the Saints are moving on from Jed Collins, but I wouldn't rule out that he could still possibly be back at least to compete for his job in training camp. 

This comes as a big surprise. I have to wonder if this is financially motivated and the Saints felt like Jed Collins wanted too much? 

For what it's worth, out of 25 qualifying fullbacks in 2013, Pro Football Focus had Jed Collins rated as 17th overall and Lorig as 19th. So neither was exactly great. Specifically with blocking, Collins was 15th and Lorig was 17th. In 2012 Collins was rated 9th and Lorig 21st. In 2011 Collins was 2nd and Lorig was 17th. So Collins, while possibly declining, has consistently been better by their metrics than Lorig. This sure feels like a downgrade to me. Perhaps the Saints just wanted to go the cheap route because a fullback is not as big of a part in their offense. Why give him four years, though, when he's 27?

This one is a bit puzzling. Fullback is a need, though, and perhaps the Saints saw something in him that fit their offense better. The Saints have seen Lorig twice a year for a while now and have frequently been gashed by Doug Martin on the ground.  With this signing I view cornerback, center and receiver (possibly outside linebacker) as the last positions that need added talent before the draft.

Do you think the Saints just said goodbye to Jed Collins?

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