Saints Nation’s Top 10 Plays of the 2013 Season: #3 – Controversial Sack/Personal Foul by 49ers

One of the biggest wins of the season was a 23-20 home prime time victory over a very good 49ers team that was NFC Champions in 2012 and was close to getting to the Super Bowl this season too. This call is one that will forever be remembered and it was critical as it kept the Saints in the game, allowed them to tie, and eventually win. If this call goes the other way the Saints almost assuredly would have lost.  Almost all 49ers fans near and far whined for weeks about this loss, and still do. The man responsible for the hit, Ahmad Brooks, would be fined severely before having the fine revoked on appeal. Hard to know where one should stand on the call, it seems to me the flag is within the framework of the rules but we've seen other examples where the same hit hasn't been flagged. The highlight below starts with the famous hit, and then shows the rest of the game which is absolutely worth watching too… *spoiler alert* it ends in glory.


The top 10 list: 

#3 Controversial Sack/Personal Foul by 49ers

#4 Game Winning Play in Week One Against Falcons

#5 Breaking the NFL First Down Record Against the Cowboys

#6 Robert Meachem's Crazy Catch in Playoffs Against Seahawks

#7 Drew Brees touchdown pass to Kenny Stills on 3rd and 20 vs. Bills

#8 Marques Colston's 31 yard Catch at Tampa To Set Up Game Winning Field Goal

#9 Drew Brees touchdown pass to Kenny Stills on 3rd and 20 at Patriots

#10 Travaris Cadet's 82 yard kick return


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