Rob Ryan is a New Orleans hero

Pictured is Rob Ryan at the Greek Festival in New Orleans yesterday strutting his stuff among friends. As some have pointed out he likes to dress for the occasion, though, and give each celebration it’s own due credit. His wardrobe versatility is showcased previously at the St. Patrick’s Day fun earlier this year:


Of course there’s these times Ryan has been pictured in public for city wide events and the countless other times he’s visited dive bars whether postgame or otherwise. Ms. Mae’s is of course one of his favorite locales:

ms maes

Some might view this as embarrassing. They should view it as awesome. Rob Ryan in less than a year has become a local hero. He’s towed the line of being a guy that loves what the city of New Orleans has to offer a little too much, with being ridiculously stellar at his job. A job, by the way, that is for the lifeblood of the entire city. I’m talking about the Saints of course.

What Ryan was able to do last year was insane. Think about the trips to bars, the casual strolls in the French Quarter (with or without is twin brother) and the general visibility around the city. He’s soaked up everything the town has to offer and a destructive town it can be at that. And in combination with this he turns THE WORST DEFENSE IN NFL HISTORY into the 4th best defense in the league. In one offseason he was able to transform that unit. That is parting seas type ability right there. How many coaches on planet earth would have orchestrated such a significant turn around? That’s a serious question. Maybe part of it was luck, or maybe Steve Spagnuolo just knew exactly how to press all the wrong buttons. Maybe Spags was out to sabotage the Saints. But that kind of transformation typically only happens when you draft a guy like Peyton Manning. And it took him two years.

Ryan embodies the dream lifestyle of work hard play hard. It’s a career that most New Orleanians aspire to have. Very few pull off anything remotely similar in their own field, as most either work too hard or play too hard to do the other well. Ryan seems to have mastered the perfect blend of both. And that is why he’s a cult hero. Sure, he could just be an awesome coach like Bill Belichick or a world class partier like Charlie Sheen and we’d all still love him, but he’s both all wrapped in to one. Pulling that off necessitates the kind of wizardry that has no playbook and very few are born able to master it.

Rob Ryan has found New Orleans and New Orleans found him. I’m not sure either will ever be right without each other again. At this point he could do no wrong. But before I get too far ahead of myself in this love affair, St. Ralph reminds you how things went in year one with Gregg Williams. Just kidding. Sort of.



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