Mailbag: Drew Brees for Aaron Rodgers, Pierre the Pelican in a Cage Match, Jimmy Graham Trades and More!!

Since Ralph Malbrough's car disintegrated into a million pieces and no podcast was recorded last night, your questions on twitter turned out to be a life saver because I can move this up a day! Thanks again for your participation. Below are some of the questions you asked me last night on the Saints and I've included each one below. Most noteworthy are some questions from the @WhoDat account (actually he went to high school with me, not that exciting) and the @PierrePelican account, even if it's the fake one. See? Mini local fake celebrities read this blog!


I would never rule out anything when it comes to the NFL draft. And the Saints have shown that when they love a prospect they go get one (see Mark Ingram, John Jenkins and others). I'm not sure Justin Gilbert is their target "guy" though, and with the combine he just had he may he going much higher than originally expected. If the Saints do land a corner, my money is on Jason Verrett of TCU. Keep your eye on Calvin Pryor and Zack Martin falling to 27 as well, I'd love any of those guys. If Gilbert somehow falls to 27, though, yes please.


At the risk of angering everyone who reads this blog, yes, I think I do. Rodgers is younger, taller, just as accurate, faster, doesn't take many hits, has a bigger arm and is even more efficient. If I'm comparing the two based solely on skills, Aaron Rodgers is a better quarterback. I know that's blasphemy in NOLA but it's just how I feel. That being said, Drew's status in New Orleans goes beyond football at this point. I'm not sure I'd trade him for Aaron Rodgers, Megatron and Robert Quinn because the entire city would hate me. Part of being a good franchise is some form of loyalty and fan buy in. But if my only angle is making the team better, I would rather start with Rodgers as my quarterback than Brees. That said, I'd pick Brees over pretty much anyone else, including Tom Brady. You could also argue Brees takes better care of his body.


Assuming you mean someone in this class, Greg Hardy is the obvious answer. But we're not getting him. The Saints can't afford him and he's probably going back to Carolina anyway. I would LOVE Anthony Spencer if he can be anywhere close to what he was in Dallas and can recover from the knee issue. Another guy I love is Brent Grimes. Even when he was a Falcon, I always had respect for how great of a player he was. Would love to have him on the Saints. He's just a playmaker and a plus cover man.


Bloguin likes me to keep things PG on this site so I can't give you an honest answer here. I'll go with Rolling Rock and panties. I'm not even sure that's PG.


Man, you're asking me this BEFORE free agency and the draft? BRUTAL. I don't even know for sure that Jimmy Graham is back on the team! But I will say this: the Payton/Rob Ryan tandem seems to be a really good thing right now. I'm hoping the defense can at least tread water and the offense can possibly improve from last year. 12-4, 2nd seed. I still think Seattle will be every bit as good as least year, though, so getting to the big one goes through them. I hope I'm wrong and they implode. But you could see it coming that the Ravens weren't going to be a threat this year. Their Super Bowl was a hot run fluke. I don't get that feeling with the Seahawks.


Pierre!! I recommend this follow. Although it's not the real mascot account, this one is much funnier. As far as the steel cage match, assuming we're talking the OLD Pierre pre facelift and plastic surgery, my money is definitely on the Pelicans mascots. If the Saints went the "holy" route with the team name, the Pelicans seem to be embracing evil. I'm sad they didn't keep the true commitment by sticking with your old face, pal. Doom, despair and weeping children will always beat virtue in a wrestling match. This is a 85 Bears vs. Patriots type blowout scenario.


No idea who is fired but I can promise you this job can't afford me. The minute writing about the Saints stopped being for fun and started being a job, I'd quit. Also, any scenario involving me being a colleague with Jeff Duncan sounds like torture. No thanks. And let's be honest, I don't write that well.


Let's be honest, no team is giving us two 1st round picks AND signing Jimmy Graham to the deal he wants. If the current reports are true, though, Graham wants A LOT of money. Too much. Graham is a once a decade type player, though. No matter what the Saints got in return in a trade, it would never be as good as Jimmy Graham. At least, I'd place the odds at 1%. They can't let him go. I just hope he agrees to something reasonable. If not, oh well, enjoy the franchise tender.


For the record I'm a huge fan of Rafael Bush. I think he's already a really good player, and he still stands to get better. I think by the time he's done he'll be a better safety and Roman Harper and/or Jenkins ever were. I think Vaccaro is and will be even better. But, all that said, I still think the Saints need another safety in the mix. Vaccaro plays a lot of hybrid rover type placement, and sometimes he's even in the slot as a traditional nickel back. Based on that, they need another safety to have in there. Whether it's a rookie or a vet, if they don't re-sign Jenkins, they need a quality player to replace him with.

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