Saints Nation: Tim Tebow is a Good Fit for Saints

Hey guys. It’s been a while. This is the first article I have written in a couple of weeks due to writer's block, quite frankly. A little bit of a backstory on how I thought of this article topic: I was driving up to Chicago and I was listening to NFL Radio on Sirius XM and they were talking about Tim Tebow and his chances of ever playing in the NFL again. I called in to weigh my opinion on the subject, and they seemed to agree with me so I thought about expanding on what I couldn’t on the radio on here with all of you lovely people.

The conversation was if Tebow would ever play quarterback for another team again and the opinions between the 2 hosts split. The one that said yes said that if he was behind a clear-cut starter and was only coming in to be a backup, it wouldn’t be a problem and the other host said he would have to change positions to ever play again. I weighed in saying that Tebow would be a great fit in New Orleans due to the one host’s criteria of being a backup. I extended that into saying that Tim could come in and run trick plays for the Saints’ offense/special teams, which Sean Payton isn’t a stranger to doing and I credited him that attribute by saying he is “A borderline innovator”.  Also, I do believe Tim Tebow could learn behind one of the best in Drew Brees while possibly enhance his throwing ability, making him a viable option for a starter for either the Saints or another team.

Here’s a quick example of a play I could see the Saints running with Tebow in the game. Imagine this, if you will: 3rd and short. Drew Brees under center with Tebow lined up at fullback and either Pierre or Ingram behind him (if they put Sproles back there, it wouldn’t be convincing enough to be a run play). Brees hands it off to Tebow who gets right behind the guard while the running back slips out into either the flat or on an angle route just passed the first down marker. Tebow sells the run well enough to get the defense looking and makes a quick dump-off pass to the RB to get the first down yardage.

Another one is a basic FG / Punt Fake. Tebow has done this in New York in his short tenure with that team, so it would be nothing new for him. Also, the Saints have also experimented with this with Chase Daniel so it wouldn’t be a foreign play call for Payton.

I do believe it would be beneficial to bring Tim in for something of that nature while also building a better locker room for the rest of the team. There would be no media hoopla surrounding a quarterback controversy and the Saints could more than likely get him cheap on a 1-year deal for quite possibly the veteran minimum.

I would love to know your thoughts on this. Love it or hate it, I think it would be a good move and I stand by what I say.

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