Saints Nation: Should the Saints Trade Down?

With the start of free agency behind us the NFL media is focusing more and more on the draft. There are suggestions of trade downs and trade ups for all teams. Last year had a record number of trades in the first round because you can actually afford to have two 1st round draftees on your roster without killing your cap space.

There are currently two ideas running through my head on the Saints' draft:

1. Draft a playmaker! 

The real question is, is there such a playmaker to be found at #15? Is he just really good or is he a difference maker. I do not know many guys in this draft so I could not answer you that question. The Saints' scouts can. If there is such a difference maker available you should definitely get him. If the Saints had a top 10 or top 5 pick… go for it for, sure. But at 15 I think the guy left is not the guy you need, though there is a lot of good talent at 3-4 DEs & OLBs to be found. 

2. Trade down. 


And that actually makes a LOT of sense. If you can for instance trade down with SF, you can get pick #31 and pick #34. Now why is this profitable? Well if you cannot get the one elite guy in the draft you need a lot of good guys. The Saints actually need guys in places where there is not a lot of depth. That means that this season you can get a guy at DE/OLB at #30 that would be a top 20 pick in other years. So trading down still retains your value for money. Plus you get another guy! The Saints would maybe get the #1 ranked NT at #34 and having their o-line pretty much set by pick #34.

What do you think the Saints should do?

If you take any set of same things and compare them a lot, some will be in the middle, some will be up and some will be down. However, the absolute worst or absolute best is often a standout. Take these lists for example. You can see that the best team is in a different league. Maybe there is a close second but in nearly any stat you see there is an absolute top and the rest is just around the average.

Maybe this image helps visualize it a bit for you:

So what does this mean for the Saints drafting at #15? The guy is most likely not an absolute top player. That is reserved for just a few. So if no top guy falls to the Saints, trade down and get a guy that you like a lot at #31 that is in quality not far off from the guy you would have gotten at #15.

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