Saints Nation: Saints Announce 2013 Practice Squad

So far there's been no changes to the Saints' active roster, although that could still change in the days leading up to the Falcons game. The Saints did announce that they've filled six of their eight available spots for the practice squad, and unlike last year the names all come from players that participated in Saints' camp this summer, with the exception of Rolle who just joined the team. Surprisingly the practice squad is comprised of five offensive players and just one defensive player. Draft pick Rufus Johnson not being in the mix so far is a significant surprise, considering the lack of defenders, the fact that he was a draft pick, and the fact that they only have three outside linebackers on the active roster. Perhaps he will end up filling one of those last two spots though. The practice squad guys so far are:

WR Saalim Hakim

QB Ryan Griffin

TE Michael Higgins

FB Austin Johnson

T Marcel Jones

CB Jumal Rolle

[edit] Saints also added LB Rufus Johnson and T Senio Kelemete

Your thoughts on the team's youngsters?


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