Saints Nation Podcast: Saints Melt Down in New York, Sean Payton play call disaster, My Little Pony, and Cowboy Preview

Andrew Juge joins Ralph to discuss what the hell happened to the Saints against the Jets. Ralph begins the show with a meltdown over the reverse using the third string tight end. They then discuss Sean Payton's complete lack of confidence in the running game. Juge is so upset he's demanding Mark Ingram get carries in short yardage.

Ralph is really concerned the injuries have depleted the playmakers Drew Brees has. Also Drew Brees seems to pressing. 

Andrew ends the Doom talk and reminds everyone the Saints are still 6-2.

Ralph and Andrew debate what the Saints offense's ceiling is in it's current form. Ralph brings up some uncomfortable injury issues with Jimmy Graham related to the contact extension.

Ralph faces off with Andrew's son picking games and answers Twitter questions about My Little Pony

Andrew and Ralph wrap up with preview of Cowboys game and LSU-Alabama.

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