Saints Nation Podcast: Saints Chiefs Recap, LB problems, & Romig retires

Andrew and Dave join Ralph to recap the Chiefs game but first they mock him for losing the first taping of the show.  The boys then argue if the Saints will eventually play the young kids on defense. Andrew wonders why Sean Payton is still counting on Jonathan Vilma, Will Smith, and Roman Harper be the core of the defense. Will the Saints sign every veteran receiver they can locate? Are they not happy with Nick Toon and Kenny Stills. 

How worried should we about depth at LT? Dave thinks look ok. Ralph wants to declare the Ben Watson signing a smashing success after watching him for two series. 

The boys discuss the retirement of Jerry Romig.

Andrew explains why another poor special team performance against the Raiders could drive him to illegal drugs and why some of the young defensive linemen are getting him excited.


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