Saints Nation: Oklahoma Blogger’s Thoughts on Kenny Stills

Like with Jenkins I also reached out to an Oklahoma blogger, this time right here on the Bloguin Network, to get a little info on our job Kenny Stills. Allen Kenney of Blatant Homerism was nice enough to give me a little input on the Saints' new receiver. Make sure you check this guy out on twitter too. I didn't get his input on this ridiculous picture of Stills that you've probably heard me reference at some point, but here's what he had to say about the player:

In his three years at Oklahoma, Kenny Stills was one of my favorite players. Between the piercings, the mohawk and the tattoos, he comes across as a iconoclast, but he's far from the diva type. I think he's a genuinely interesting character (so he should fit in well in the Big Easy).

Maybe the best way to think of Stills is as a spread version of a possession receiver. He's fast and does a good job finding holes in coverage within 10-15 yards of the line of scrimmage. He doesn't really have great ability after the catch to make defenders miss, though, and I think that limits his effective in the typical slot role. He's also a threat downfield – not so much on jump balls, but more in using his speed to blow by corners on go routes.

One other area where he should be an asset is in his blocking. OU is as good a team in the screen game as you'll find in college football, and so much of that stems from the schooling the wideouts get as blockers. Watching Stills, it seems pretty clear that he actually enjoys blocking, and the Sooners were able to spring a number of big plays thanks to him doing the dirty work on the perimeter.

Is Stills going to be an elite wide receiver in the NFL? I don't see it. I do see a pass catcher who should be a nice complementary weapon in the Saints' wide-open offensive attack.

Sounds like a guy that will fit in perfectly with this offense and have a nice defined role that could replace what Robert Meachem did for the team. Thoughts?

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