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Saints Nation: Offensive Player Grades vs. Falcons

The Saints' offensive performance was full of ups and downs, and while there were a lot of nice things there's also a lot to work on. Because of this there's a lot of ups and downs in terms of the grading. To be honest I didn't really feel like anyone on the team player amazing, or even very good, but most were above average. I think we'll see many games where the offense performs better this season, but they got the job done this week to win against a team that was 13-3 last year, so I'll take it. That said, 2.7 yards per carry is not going to cut it.

Drew Brees: B (3.00) A statistically good game for Brees, though by his standard you may consider it average. He was 26 of 35 for 357 yards, 2 touchdowns and an interception. He was fortunate not to be intercepted another time and he under threw a couple of deep balls to Stills that could've blown the game wide open. He saw a good deal of pressure and handled it well and even scrambled for 4 yards once making a good decision. It definitely wasn't his best day but he did enough to win the game.

Mark Ingram: D- (0.67) A horrible performance by the Saints' back. He had 9 carries for 11 yards. He was stuffed for a 4th and inches run but again, I blame that on the blocking. Otherwise, he tried way too often to bounce runs to the outside a la Reggie Bush, minus the moves and speed. He did not hit the hole with authority, nor did he make decisive cuts. One of his worst performances as a Saint.

Darren Sproles: B (3.00) I was surprised how much the Saints leaned on Sproles in the running game, despite the lack of effectiveness it provided. He had 22 yards on 8 carries, most of which came in between the tackles. He was also completely neutralized on returns with a kickoff for 23 yards and 4 punts for a measly 7 yards. The impact he made in the passing game was instrumental, though, as he gave the Saints a nice balance of security underneath, explosiveness downfield and chain moving ability. 6 cathes for 88 yards and the Saints needed every bit. That one catch down the sideline in particular was crazy good.

Pierre Thomas: B- (2.67) PT cruiser gave a steady, quiet and workmanlike performance for the team, but it wasn't his best game either. He was, by far, the best runner in between the tackles but that's not saying much. He had 9 carries for 43 yards and 4 catches for 16 yards.

Jed Collins: C- (1.67) When your primary job is to spring the run game and they get 78 yards on 29 attempts, that's not good. Collins did have some ok blocks and I blame this mostly on the initial push by the line, but Collins wasn't special by any means.

Marques Colston: B (3.00) He was covered well and struggled to get much separation for most of the game. To me he didn't seem to move at 100% with the foot injury. The main play he made was an absurd 31 yard touchdown catch in tight coverage. He did move the chains and absorb huge hits, though. He had 5 catches for 68 yards and the touchdown. On the interception, it was a 50-50 ball that he should have had but Robert Alford ripped it away from him. That play was Brees trusting Colston in a tight window against a smaller corner where despite tight coverage he usually comes away with the ball, disappointing not to see him win that battle there. Still, the touchdown was a major play in the game. It also put him alone as the receiver with the most touchdowns in franchise history.

Lance Moore: C- (1.67) He was targeted four times and had just 2 catches for 23 yards. A surprisingly quiet day for Moore due to the fact that he was blanketed all day and struggled to find soft spots in coverage, something he's normally so good at.

Kenny Stills: B+ (3.33) His contribution was just 2 catches for 86 yards, 67 coming on one, but he continually stretched the field and did what Devery Henderson and Robert Meachem (and Joe Morgan) were able to do in their prime to open things up underneath for the offense. Twice he was open deep but underthrown by Brees. Too bad, because he could have had a monster statistical day. In the end he performed in line with what was asked of him, and he's going to continue getting better.

Jimmy Graham: B- (2.67) He was up and down in the passing game, and struggled with blocking. He didn't get good separation and didn't adjust his body well to a couple catchable balls. He did break a tackle and show tremendous athleticism to get into the end zone, though, and finished with 4 catches for 45 yards and a touchdown. He will have much better games this season.

Benjamin Watson: B (2.67) He gave the Saints a nice wrinkle in the offense and while he wasn't a huge danger to the Falcons he gave the team another threat in the passing game. His blocking wasn't called on that much. He had 3 catches for 31 yards and showed reliable hands.

Charles Brown: C- (1.67) He was beat around the edge numerous times, but Brees' pocket awareness kept his performance for being more of a disaster than it could have been. Osi Umenyiora gave him pressure off the edge and beat him once to give Brees a pretty good lick. His run blocking was mediocre, and area I thought he might have an advantage in in this game. He was also flagged once for holding.

Ben Grubbs: C- (1.67) A disappointing performance and one of the worst games I've seen out of Grubbs as a Saint, normally so reliable. He really struggled to get much push against the more physical Corey Peters.  He was beaten for a sack and gave up huge penetration to allow a run play to get blown up.

Brian de la Puente: C+ (2.33) He got some push on running plays against a very tough Jonathan Babineaux, and seemed to have a clean game blocking for Brees, but again it was nothing spectacular. I viewed him as being slightly better than the rest.

Jahri Evans: C- (1.67) Back to back holding penalties by Evans butchered any chance at a 1st and goal becoming six points. He had his hands full with Babineaux and while his pass blocking was largely good, he got no push in the run game. The Saints tried to run behind him on most of the key plays with little success.

Zach Strief: C+ (2.33) Like De la Puente he wasn't spectacular but at least he limited the mistakes. There were a couple of plays were he got pushed back far into the backfield, but otherwise he was able to neutralize his man. Kroy Biermann is a tough guy to block, but he was active and made a lot of plays around the field, particularly against the run. Strief's pass blocking was quite good, though.

Bryce Harris: C- (1.67) With limited reps on the edge as a jumbo tight end he didn't impress much.


My Offensive Player of the Game: Kenny Stills

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Saints Nation: Offensive Player Grades vs. Falcons


The statistics paint a pretty story for the Saints in this game. 9.1 yards per pass attempt and 5.1 yards per rushing attempt. They were only sacked once and turned the ball over once. If you promised me that every week, I'd probably take it, and it's unlikely they'd lose another game. Offensively it was largely another very solid performance. My only gripe is that there were numerous chances to put this game away and they failed to do so. When you let good teams hang around, bad things happen. No one knows that better than LSU against Alabama. This had a similar feel late – you had a bad feeling the Saints might let a game they had dominated slip away. In the end, though, 31 points was enough. Make the jump for the grades.

Falcons vs Saints boxscore

Drew Brees: B+ (2.85) I have to admit I was slightly terrified after his first pass was a horrendous interception that he'd put the team in an early 14-0 hole. Luckily the defense responded with a stop and he would drive the offense down to quickly make it 10-7 and a game again. Brees was largely solid, though one deep ball to Moore should have been intercepted, and he missed slightly high on a deep ball off of Henderson's fingertips. Otherwise, a largely masterful performance by the Saints' trigger man. He did make a questionable decision throwing into triple coverage before the Garrett Hartley field goal and almost got Colston killed, but that's just him once again fitting a ball in the tightest windows. He would have been even better if not victimized by a few dropped passes. He was 21 of 32 for 298 yards, 3 touchdowns and 1 interception.

Mark Ingram: B (2.15) Ingram is running with newfound purpose and he's actually getting the reps to showcase his ability. There is no question that Ivory being active has lit a fire in him. He had 67 yards on 16 carries and a good game overall, though he was neutralized in the second half. Still, he fought for some tough yards throughout.

Pierre Thomas: C (2.85) While Ivory and Ingram were busy carrying the load, in meant less playing time for PT. He finished with just 5 runs for a lowly 10 yards, and 1 reception for 6 yards. One of his most quiet outputs of the season. He never really had a chance to get going, but he didn't do much with his touches.

Chris Ivory: A (3.84) That 56 yard touchdown run was one of the more impressive dashes I've ever seen, reminiscent of Deuce McAllister in his prime. A perfect blend of power, speed and agility. That run alone earns him his A. He finished with 7 carries for 72 yards and a touchdown, along with a reception for 13 tough yards. He destroyed Dunta Robinson lowering his pads into him on a tackle, which was awesome. The only slight complaint I have is he still carries the football too far away from his body and it makes him susceptible to fumbles. I suspect that's why he didn't get more carries late in the game instead of Ingram, who has much better ball security. 

Travaris Cadet: C+ (2.00) A positive contribution on offense from Cadet, who had 2 receptions for 16 yards. On returns, though, he just doesn't look comfortable. Perhaps he still has that fumble on his mind and he's preoccupied with hanging onto the ball. He had a punt return for 2 yards and 2 kickoff returns for an average of 22.5 yards per.

Jed Collins: A (2.67) The lead blocker threw numerous devastating lead blocks and helped in pass protection. For the second consecutive week he was incredibly physical in between the tackles and gave his runners monstrous lead blocks. Then, he comes on special teams and probably makes the biggest tackle of the game on Morstead's final punt. A tribute to his versatility. This is his second consecutive A, very well deserved. After all, the Saints ran for 148 at a 5.1 per pop rate.

Marques Colston: B- (2.59) The quiet storm was, ahem, quiet in this one. He did score a touchdown, though, tying him with Deuce McAllister for most scored touchdowns in team history. The next one will give him the lead to himself. On that touchdown he absorbed contact around the 5 and did a fantastic job to carry his tackler with him before stretching to the plain for the score. He finished with just 3 catches for 26 yards and a touchdown, a tribute toAsante Samuel. He also either ran the wrong route or a poor one on the interception.

Lance Moore: A- (2.84) That one handed diving grab down the middle of the field was one of the sickest catches he's ever had, and that's saying something. He had 7 catches for 91 yards and almost came up with a tough catch on a bad deep ball by Brees that should have been intercepted. He had a numbers of crucial plays on 3rd down to move the chains.

Devery Henderson: D+ (2.29) He could have maybe come up with a deep ball by Brees, where he had Robinson beat, but the ball was slightly high and off his outstretched fingertips. He also dropped the easiest catch he'll ever have on a 3rd down play crossing route in the 4th quarter that was a killer play. He had no catches. That said, as bad as his contribution was in the passing game, his lead block on Chris Ivory's touchdown run deserves recognition as it was tremendous.

Jimmy Graham: A (2.46) The sequence where he had a false start then a dropped 3rd down pass was consistent with his subpar season and incredibly frustrating. That's the only thing that costs him the A+. But so what, he bounced back to have 7 catches for 146 yards and 2 touchdowns. I could write three paragraphs about what he did well, but suffice to say he dominated the game and was probably the biggest reason the Saints won.

David Thomas: B (1.93) A very workmanlike performance blocking. He brought no help in the passing game, but like Collins he had numerous solid lead blocks to help the running game.

Jermon Bushrod: B- (2.59) Overall he was pretty good, though the Falcons by far got their most pressure off the edge against him. Most times Brees would step into a clean pocket, though, and it was no problem. He did struggle to block Kroy Biermann on one running play that got Ingram blown up in the backfield. He struggled with John Abraham a little bit off the edge, but the star pass rusher only finished with 1 tackle – so job well done overall.

Ben Grubbs: A (2.70) Dominant throughout. Great interior blocking, fantastic run blocking that was physical and even more impeccable pass blocking pretty much all game long. It was a Carl Nicks-esque performance.

Brian de la Puente: A- (2.33)  He's getting better, more comfortable and more physical every week. The way he's starting to push people off the ball is a really encouraging sign. There were less pulls and more north and south running in this game, and that seemed to suit his style more.

Jahri Evans: B+ (2.82) Brees was flagged for snap simulation, but Evans also false started on that same play. He also whiffed on a couple run blocks to slow down runners, but otherwise he was very clean and solid. Likely focused on helping Brown, he sometimes had lapses, but overall his pass blocking and run blocking was on point.

Charles Brown: A- (2.67) An excellent performance by the Saints' reserve tackle. He was a big source of concern with Zach Strief missing this week (and presumably others), but he was able to the task and ready to step in and perform at a high level. You'll remember that Jon Stinchcomb and Bushrod both took years in the Saints system before they were deemed ready and many of off were ready to write them off before they became full time starters. Maybe Brown fits into that category and has finally grown into a starter quality tackle? He was very solid in pass protection and run blocking with less help than you'd expect. 

Eric Olsen: B- (2.67) The reserve guard was the "jumbo tight end" in this game and largely fantastic, actually. The extra push he gave off the edge was incredibly useful. I did dock his grade, though, for a stupid personal foul penalty at the end of a play trying to get a gratuitous push at the top of a pile. Totally unnecessary, and hopefully he learned his lesson. It was interesting, though, because the Saints have always used a tackle as their extra edge blocker in the jumbo sets, and with Strief out and Brown replacing him, they turned to Olsen who is a guard by trade. I'm sure it was challenging for him to play on the edge of the line, but he adjusted very well.


My Offensive Player of the Game: Jimmy Graham


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Saints Nation: Offensive Player Grades vs. Falcons

While the night belonged to Drew Brees for breaking Dan Marino’s record in the 45-16 win over the Falcons, the may group I want to commend after this masterful performance is the offensive line and the running backs. The Falcons entered this game #4 in the NFL against the run and the Saints positively manhandled them. The Falcons are fortunate the Saints had a record to get, because otherwise the Saints could have easily gotten up to 200 yards on the ground, if not more. There was simply nothing this statistically very solid unit could do against the Saints’ power running. Whether it was Sproles, Ivory and/or Thomas it didn’t really matter. Whoever was fed the ball was gashing the Falcons. Part of that was the runners for sure, but a huge part of that was the incredible blocking all night long. The Falcons never stood a chance against the Saints’ physicality, and that’s what’s to me most scary about this offense. We already knew Brees could throw, if they can run the ball like this too? GOOD NIGHT. 23 carries for 164 yards, or 7.1 yards per carry. Wow. On to the grades…

Falcons vs Saints coverage

Falcons vs Saints recap

Falcons vs Saints boxscore

Drew Brees: B+ (3.51) Overall he played very well, but he wasn’t as sharp in this game as he’s been the last 5-6 weeks. Part of that, I have no doubt, was the distraction of the record. Brees made some dangerous throws he normally doesn’t make and he was very fortunate about three more passes weren’t picked off. He also tried to call a timeout coming out of a timeout, which got him a delay of game penalty. Not his finest hour. He finished 23 for 39 for 309 yards, 4 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. The first interception was just bad luck on a bounce, though the second was a poor decision into double coverage that was also tipped before being intercepted. Of course among the poor plays I mention were the usual ridiculous plays that I take for granted by now. Not that I’m not continually amazed by Brees or that I assume it’ll always happen, but for the sake of this write up it’s just easier to affirm he’s awesome without getting too descriptive, otherwise this would just get insanely long. After this game Brees’ completion percentage is down to 70.7%. His previous record in 2009 was 70.62% so he’s got very little margin for error if he wants to break his own record as well this season.

Darren Sproles: A (3.20) He ran for 67 yards on just 5 carries, he had two receptions for 22 yards and the touchdown which broke Marino’s record, and he also broke a kickoff return for 92 yards and set up a field goal on a drive that stalled. He did a little bit of everything and contributed in many ways.

Pierre Thomas: A- (3.11) He made the most of his touches, yet again. Have you heard me say that before? 53 yards on 9 carries, 1 touchdown, and 2 catches for 4 yards. The only negative is he didn’t contribute in the passing game like he sometimes does. He also had a very stupid penalty for using a bow as a prop, sticking it on the football, and giving it to a fan as a present. Funny celebration, but stupid.

Chris Ivory: B (2.73) He ran with good authority and finished with 35 yards on 8 carries. He likely would have had a chance to pound the ball more and run the clock at the end if it wasn’t for Brees trying to break Marino’s record. He was stuffed in a short yardage situation but I thought he ran the best he has so far this season overall finishing his runs nicely and playing to the whistle. He seemed to fall forward and was tougher to bring down than previous games. Good to see him hitting his stride right before the playoffs. At this point I wonder what role Mark Ingram will have come playoff time?

Jed Collins: B (2.71) Good blocking when he was in, though he didn’t get a ton of snaps most likely due to the ridiculous amount of penalties he’s been getting lately. Still, when he was in, he did a good job.

Marques Colston: B+ (3.23) He led the Saints in receiving with 7 catches for 81 yards and a touchdown. Per usual he moved the sticks, gave Brees a target underneath, but he also stretched the field and gave the Saints a vertical option. The only negative is he dropped two very catchable balls.

Lance Moore: B (3.00) He had 2 catches for 53 yards and seemed to be on his way to another explosive performance before he had to leave with a tweak of his hamstring. Hopefully it’s not serious, but I think it’s a given he’s probably sitting out next week in an attempt to get ready for the playoffs.

Robert Meachem: B+ (2.49) He had 3 catches for 75 yards and a touchdown. He stretched the field, converted a huge 3rd down play, had a nice touchdown grab, and found himself wide open downfield a few times. He also surrendered and interception into double coverage but it’s hard to blame him for that one.

Devery Henderson: C+ (2.31) He had 3 catches for 30 yards but he also had 2 drops. Neither drop was an easy catch but he could have helped his cause, and the offense, by bringing those in.

Jimmy Graham: B (3.22) The Falcons were clearly terrified of him and did everything they could to stop him. Despite 9 targets he only had 4 catches for 42 yards and a touchdown. The touchdown was a jump ball where he once again showed off his red zone prowess. The first interception was a tip drill that went off his fingertips. In the end too many balls that went his way resulted in incompletions.

John Gilmore: B- (2.36) A solid day blocking giving the Saints nice size off the edge. He was not used at all in the passing game.

Jermon Bushrod: A- (2.76) The Falcons moved John Abraham around a good bit but the times Bushrod saw him he handled him appropriately. The Saints didn’t run much to his side but the times they did he would spring the play open with a nice lead block. On the team’s longest run by Sproles of 36 yards in particular, you’ll see Bushrod doing his thing. A nice job blocking overall, though he did force Brees to step up in the pocket a few times.

Carl Nicks: A (2.82) He was back to his physical self mauling defenders any chance he got. His pass blocking in particular was very strong, but in this one he pulled often and was able to throw some nice lead blocks. He also helped his runners a number of times finish their runs with a nice surge at the end of the play.

Brian De La Puente: B+ (2.49) He bounced back from nothing short of a nightmarish outing against the Vikings last week. De La Puente blocked soundly and he contributed both pulling and in the trenches to the Saints’ dominating interior performance. Give this guy credit, he’s come in and made Olin Kreutz a distant memory. Not bad for a guy no one had ever heard about.

Jahri Evans: A (3.24) The Saints must have seen something on tape because almost all of their runs with very few exceptions ran behind Evans on the right guard runs. Obviously that proved successful as Evans had a tremendous night getting excellent push all night long.

Zach Strief: B+ (2.97) He was lined up against Abraham as much if not more than Bushrod and did an admirable job. Most impressive from Strief was the number of successful right side runs the Saints had where he did a good job sealing the edge to afford the runners an inside lane. He was flagged once for a blatant hold, but otherwise he did a good job of blocking. He’s had an excellent season overall and I see no reason why he won’t/can’t be the Saints’ starting right tackle for 2012 as well.

Pat McQuistan: B- (2.17) Like Gilmore, he did him job giving the Saints some size on the edge. Nice job.


My Offensive Player of the Game: Darren Sproles

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Saints Nation: Offensive Player Grades vs. Falcons

See below for the grades of the Saints offensive players vs. Falcons. The grade represents the player’s individual performance in the game, the GPA behind it in parentheses represents the player’s cumulative performance for the season.

Drew Brees: B (3.14) If you looked at his stat line you’d think he was mostly masterful, but Brees struggled at times. He had a period in the second half where he was uncharacteristically inaccurate, he underthrew a wide open Devery Henderson on the interception, and held on to the ball too long on the sack and fumble that cost his team 7 points. He was bailed out by a shady defensive holding call on 3rd down on the Saints’ last touchdown drive. Still, he made the plays when it counted and put his playmakers in a position to excel. Brees was 25 for 33 for 308 yards, 2 touchdowns, 1 interception and a lost fumble.

Reggie Bush: B- (2.29) The two things that stuck out for me with Bush today was he put his head down and fought for extra yards instead of finding refuge in the sideline, and late in the game he helped his teammate Marques Colston who was being tackled by four Falcons. He’s starting to understand he’s not a superstar and he’s playing his role on the team. He had a decent punt return, for once, but it was negated by a penalty. His stats were pathetic: 2 rushes for 3 yards and a touchdown, 2 catches for 11 yards and 1 punt return for 1 yard. That said, he had a 9 yard punt return and a nice run both called back for penalties. Still, I thought Bush played an ok game and he found the end zone.

Mike Bell: C- (3.07) Bell’s grade plummeted as the game wore on. In the first half he was his usual bruising self, finishing runs hard and gaining lots of positive yardage. In the second half, though, he was stuffed on almost every running opportunity. His fumble at the end of the game was inexcusable. Like the MNF crew said, the only responsibility in that scenario is ball security. Just 49 yards despite 17 carries for Bell. One thing I haven’t liked about Bell is that every time he is in the game the Saints run the ball. That’s more the staff’s fault for predictable play calling, but it would be nice to see them run a play action with Bell just to keep the defenses honest.

Pierre Thomas: B+ (3.20) Take his fumble away, which was also inexcusable, and he had a great game. He finished with 14 carries for 91 yards and a touchdown, and redeemed himself the drive after the fumble with a 1 yard touchdown reception that sealed the victory. He ran with very impressive speed, which was a little surprising, and he also showed off his customary shiftiness, balance and grit. Give him credit for the number of tackles he broke on a 3rd down run that ended up resulting in a 22 yard touchdown run.

Marques Colston: A- (3.14) Colston made some of his more impressive grabs in traffic of the season. His touchdown was a thing of beauty where he used his massive size and leaping skills to outplay two Falcons to the ball. He finished with 6 catches for 85 yards and a touchdown. His catches were always at useful times and he showed excellent body control and soft hands throughout the contest. This guy may be destined for a 2009 trip to the Pro Bowl.

Lance Moore: C- (2.50) Another quiet day for Moore, just 2 catches for 11 yards. He’s not playing as many snaps and it just doesn’t seem like he’s as useful with the other targets performing.

Devery Henderson: B (3.09) Henderson hauled in a circus catch down near the goaline and he showed terrific hands all game. It’s been so cool to watch his transformation as a player. He’s gone from having the stonehands with speed label, to being a truly complete receiver. His blocking skills should also be commended. He ended with 4 catches for 46 yards, and had a nice tough grab down to the 1 which set up the game winning touchdown. Too bad on the interception that Brees underthrew the pass because Henderson was wide open and it would have been a touchdown.

Robert Meachem: B- (2.87) Meachem made the most of a couple touches. That’s been his calling card, making plays the few times he’s called upon. 2 catches for 47 yards.

Jeremy Shockey: A- (3.43) Shockey performed once again at a very high level. He gets a pass for his drop because the Saints got an offsides penalty on the play. He finished with 5 catches for 72 yards, none bigger than the ridiculous one handed catch he made downfield on an overthrown ball by Brees late in the game. It didn’t matter who was covering him, they couldn’t stop him. He should have been targeted more.

David Thomas: C+ (2.00) He had a bad drop, but he also looked pretty good on his 2 catches for 27 yards. All in all, whether it was bad passes or good coverage, Brees looked his way entirely too much for my taste. He was terrific run blocking, including blocking downfield on a couple of Pierre Thomas’ longer runs. His grade is hurt because he gave Atlanta a chance to come back late by muffing the onsides kick attempt and allowing the Falcons a chance to recover the ball.

Jermon Bushrod: C+ (2.67) Average game for Bushrod. To be expected, Abraham is about as tough of an assignment as you can get. He was caught holding once, and he was allowing pressure to come from his side often. Brees was hit numerous times from the blindside after releasing the football. His run blocking was hit or miss.

Zach Strief: C- (2.52) He came in a few times on running downs to give the Saints more size off the edge. In past games it’s been successful, but the Saints ran the ball poorly when he was in the game. Again, I think it’s a dead giveaway when he’s in the game that the Saints are running. Atlanta sold out to stop the run, and so plays with Strief in the game were less successful. I’d like to see the Saints be a little less predictable.

Carl Nicks: C (3.00) Nicks was quite poor in pass blocking. He’d gotten off to such a hot start this year, we’ve seen him regress a little the past two games. Both sacks Atlanta got, including the forced Brees fumble/TD came from his side. Run blocking was fine.

Jonathan Goodwin: B (3.05) When he can get a full steam ahead of him pulling lead blocks, he’s fun to watch. He was able to do that a couple of times on Thomas runs, and on a Thomas screen pass play. Goodwin did a good job blocking on the interior, too, when Brees would step up in the pocket. Hopefully his injury isn’t serious because the Saints need him.

Jahri Evans: B (3.38) The Saints had their best rushes mostly from the right side of the field. A quieter game than usual from Evans, but he did well.

Jon Stinchcomb: A- (2.95) This was, in my opinion, by far Stinchcomb’s best game of the season. Brees saw literally zero pressure from Stinchcomb’s side for the entirety of the game, and he was solid run blocking. When he doesn’t have to face a speed rusher with tremendous quickness, Stinchcomb really gets a chance to show off his superior technique and skill. It was on full display. He may not be the most powerful tackle, but he’s a reliable and sound player.

Darnell Dinkins: C- (1.67) For a “blocking tight end”, his blocking was pretty average in this game. Dinkins was involved a lot in the second half with the amount of running plays the Saints called, and that was when they had the least success. Can’t say I saw what kept him on the active roster all those weeks he was hurt. He was also flagged for a penalty.

Kyle Eckel: C- (1.67) Eckel didn’t really play enough to merit much of a review, but I noticed he just didn’t have the authority in his blocks that Evans had. The Saints tried many scenarios at fullback, with mixed results. Nothing stuck out as excellent.

Offensive Player of the Game: Marques Colston

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