Saints Nation: Marijn Wants to Know More About the Saintsations

This Danish Saint blogger wrote something on the Saintsations on his blog and tweeted about it here:

I do not know any Danish (probably much like you) but I understand the video. It is offseason and I am not married (which is the reason Andrew Juge is probably not risking his ass in writing about this, especially with his wife pregnant), but here is the video:

I know really nothing about the Saintsations, I just know a few things: Firstly, Taylor Swift… yes that is really gonna be liked by the male viewers. That actually makes beautiful women in bikini's hard to watch. It is just slightly better than Friday by Rebecca Black (click at your own risk). This might actually be a good song for Kevin his wrestling theme btw. Second, the Rooney rule aparently doesn't apply to skinny young girls.

Anything you can tell me about the Saintsations? Or are they really that boring and they indeed do not deserve to be written about?

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