Saints Nation Guru: 2012 Season Winner is Eliza18s!

I'm overdue on recognizing Eliza18s and I appreciate the reminders to do so. Thanks to a monster run late with Guru wins in week 16 and 17, she is our 2012 season champion and winner of the $50 gift card to Because she's my wife I know she only owns a white old school Joe Horn jersey, so it's probably time to get a new one and I will lobby hard that the cash goes towards that. I'm looking forward to the Saints Nation Guru challenge for next year already. 

Below is the final standings:

1. Eliza18s 3

2. MarijnPessers 2

2. JamesMorse 2

4. swebbmann 1

4. AllisonSmith 1

4. SaintsNation 1

4. Ellmanov 1

Many thanks to all who participated this season!

Andrew Juge

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