Saints Nation: Defensive and Special Teams Player Grades vs. Panthers

As much as the offense rebounding from a slump to light up the vaunted Panthers' defense stole the story, the Saints' defense was again dominant. They didn't shut down the run, but they slowed DeAngelo Williams enough to force passing, then they covered well and harassed Cam Newton all night long. The Galette/Jordan pass rushing tandem is quickly becoming one of the most fearsome in the NFL. Holding the Panthers to two field goals early was huge, and the Panthers finished with just 13 points. Below are the grades:

Cameron Jordan: A for the game (3.10 for the season) If Galette stole the show, he wasn't far behind. He had 3 tackles and 2 sacks. Another monster game from Jordan who is unquestionably deserving of a trip to the Pro Bowl. Few defensive ends in the entire league are more complete players.

Akiem Hicks: C+ (2.85) He was in on a couple hits on Newton but not rewarded statistically with a sack. Jordan and Galette just beat him to the passer on a couple occasions. He played ok but wasn't as dominant against the run as he's been in weeks past. He had 2 tackles.

Brodrick Bunkley: C- (2.54) He didn't have much of an impact when he was in. He got injured and tried to return later but he was beat up a bit against the run.

John Jenkins: B+ (2.72) He saw more snaps with Bunkley out and played well. He had 4 tackles and was as good against the run as he was collapsing the pocket. He was very close to a sack on Newton, too, and played a complete game.

Tom Johnson: C (2.30) He had 1 tackle. Not much to report.

Tyrunn Walker: C- (2.67) He also had 1 tackle and I saw him come out late when he was playing garbage time for a breather. Either his conditioning is off from lack of playing time or his knee is still bothering him. Either way he's not playing with the same first step since his return.

Junior Galette: A+ (2.87) He had 6 tackles, 3 sacks and was in Cam's face all day long. Bonus points for the superman mock and stomp sack celebration too. The best game of his career in my opinion. Utterly dominant.

Curtis Lofton: B (2.92) He led the team with 10 tackles and did a good job against the run. He was hit and miss in coverage but it wasn't as bad as it can sometimes be.

David Hawthorne: C+ (2.86) He was slow to a couple plays and I was worried he was hurt again, but as the game wore on he started to get into a rhythm. He had 6 tackles and put a nice hit on Mike Tolbert, but he too was up and down in coverage.

Parys Haralson: C (2.56) He had 2 tackles but as a run stopping specialist he didn't really impress in that department too much.

Keenan Lewis: B (2.85) He was in man against Steve Smith for much of the day and did a fantastic job blanketing him. Smith had just 6 catches for 49 yards, and it would have been worse if not for a garbage time touchdown late, which Lewis gave up. That hurts his grade slightly but overall he deserves recognition for a fantastic day in coverage. Most impressive was a screen to Smith where Lewis ran through and abused Brandon LaFell and annihilated Smith behind the line of scrimmage. He had 4 tackles.

Corey White: A- (2.57) It's strange that he was so bad against the Falcons because he was huge in this game. His coverage was arguably better than anything we've seen from Jabari Greer this year. He definitely felt like a quality starting corner in this game. He was physical, always around the ball and excellent in man coverage. He had 3 tackles and a defended pass.

Kenny Vaccaro: B+ (2.72) He was almost exclusively used as a slot cover guy in this game and did a great job. He took turns on Greg Olsen, Steve Smith and Ted Ginn in man coverage and did a solid job against all of them. He was also his usual physical self helping against the run. He had 7 tackles.

Malcolm Jenkins: B+ (2.73) He took a horrible angle on one Cam Newton scamper but otherwise he played well. He had a big hit on a quarterback sweep that dropped Newton for a loss and sent him airborne. Overall he was a very sound tackler and saved a couple first down runs from being massive gains as the last time of defense with his sure tackling. He was also good in coverage and had 9 tackles.

Roman Harper: C+ (2.67) He had a quiet day, no major mistakes and no big plays. He's not as physical in the box this year as he's been in years past but I think the injury is partly to blame for that. His coverage was good and he had 2 tackles.

Isa Abdul-Quddus: C (2.67) Played some late, wasn't tested. Quiet day on special teams for him.


Garrett Hartley: B+ (2.87) He was four for four on extra points and his field goal was a glorified extra point from 19 yards out. He made them all, easy day at the office.

Thomas Morstead: C- (3.33) He averaged 44.3 yards per punt, including one that went out of bounds inside the 10. That was solid, but his net was only 32.5 because he outkicked his coverage and allowed the explosive Ted Ginn to have a look at a return. Ginn also took out two kickoffs and had one dangerous return there too. After that first punt Morstead did a good job of neutralizing him, but on the 32 yard punt return Morstead was flagged for a facesmask to get Ginn down. That tackle did save a touchdown, but it made a 32 yard return really a 47 yarder.

Travaris Cadet: C- (2.33) Continues to bring little value in the return game and the lone kick he brought out of the end zone was hit well short of the 20.


My Defensive Player of the Game: Junior Galette

My Special Teams Player of the Game: Garrett Hartley

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Saints Nation: Defensive and Special Teams Player Grades vs. Panthers

In some ways I view the Saints' defense, worst in NFL history, saving their most putrid performance (which is really saying something) for week 17 at home in front of their fans against a divisional rival as the ultimate slap in the face. I can't mince words or paint this in a pretty picture. If you want to read something positive you'll have to look elsewhere. Normally I am positive, but I can't ignore the effort, or lack thereof, that this defense put forward. It was inexcusable and only two players seemed engaged.  Joe Vitt used the word "catastrophic" at one point to describe it postgame, and I felt that was perhaps generous. To give up 210 yards on 21 carries to DeAngelo Williams, a back that has sucked all year, is unforgivable and anything short of a massive overhaul wouldn't be reactionary enough. Make the jump for the grades one last time this season.


Will Smith: C (2.42) Officially credited with 4 tackles and a tipped pass. He helped out decently against the run but was a non event pass rushing. Another average performance.

Cameron Jordan: C+ (2.63) Was much better rushing the passer than Smith, showing some nice burst and moves to get to Newton – only to blow the sack. He had 5 tackles and played the run decently at times.

Martez Wilson: C (2.23) Forced an incompletion on the Panther's opening drive on 3rd down with a nice pass rush where he hit Cam Newton as he delivered the football. I didn't really understand why he saw little action after a nice play like that, but he did blow an open field tackle.

Junior Galette: C (2.42) He finished with a tackle and a nice hit on Cam Newton thanks to a nice pass rush. He played sparingly, though.

Turk McBride: C (2.00) He finished with a tackle and good activity rushing the passer, including two knock downs and one devastating blow on Newton that knocked the Panthers' QB out of the game for an extended period of time. He also had a bad facemask penalty on Mike Tolbert to hurt the Saints.

Sedrick Ellis: C (2.15) He finished with 2 tackles to end a mediocre season. Once a dominant interior player, he was like this all year – fragile, only periodically relevant, and a shell of his former self.

Brodrick Bunkley: A- (2.45) What was most impressive about Bunkley's day was how well he moved laterally from sideline to sideline. Not only did he have an impressive 5 tackles, but so many of them were away from the interior. He was good against the run despite some correctable goal line stands and he even notched a sack. His best game of the season and he was one of the few on this unit that seemed to play hard on every snap.

Tom Johnson: C+ (2.36) In spot duty he had decent rush but was mauled in rushing attempts. He had 2 tackles and a nice hit on Newton.

Jonathan Vilma: B+ (2.24) His tackling was perfectible but it's hard to complain too much about his performance. He ran well sideline to sideline and made plays. He led the team with 8 tackles, and he had a beautiful pick 6 reading a screen pass to perfection. One of the best defensive plays of the season.

Curtis Lofton: C- (2.77) Poor coverage and a less impactful game than usual, he just wasn't all over the field. The cutback runs by Carolina seemed to cause him problems.

David Hawthorne: D+ (2.24) He finished with 4 tackles but missed numerous open field plays to turn what could have been average runs into big first downs. I'm not sold on this guy being a starter next year.

Patrick Robinson: C- (1.96) It's sad when he's the corner a quarterback goes after the most despite the fact that Corey White and Jabari Greer were absent, which SHOULD suggest the other guys are who you want to victimize. But no, Newton preferred to go after the opening day starter in P-Rob. This yielded mix results, but he did defend a pass and finish with 2 tackles. He was also helped out by a couple drops. He had a beautiful open field tackle early in the 1st quarter on Williams.

Elbert Mack: C+ (2.72) He was the best cover corner on the day, but missed some open field tackles that made him seem to lack physicality. He finished with 2 tackles and a break up.

Johnny Patrick: D+ (1.79) He had a couple decent plays, but too many bad ones, none worst than a back breaking defensive hold call on a third down in the 4th quarter. He's going to have to show much more to make this team next year.

Roman Harper: C (2.42) More of the same. He wasn't impactful enough against the run and seemed slow to the play. He was good in coverage, sometimes beat in tight coverage, other times breaking up a pass. He had 6 tackles and also a nice hit on Newton from a blitz. He was too slow in pursuit of Williams' big runs.

Isa Abdul-Quddus: C+ (2.42) Did a good job tracking the ball and broke up some passes, at least a couple that could/should have been interceptions. He also finished with 4 tackles. He took bad angles as the last time of defense, though, and missed some plays that Malcolm Jenkins probably makes. It'll be a tough call for the Saints next year. Jenkins is a more solid tackler and last line of defense, but IAQ has infinitely better ball skills. Which do you prefer in your safety?

Rafael Bush: C- (2.76) He had 4 tackles and was always very late to the play making a tackle after a nice gain.


Garrett Hartley: A (3.00) That 53 yard bomb of a field goal before halftime was pretty impressive and had some room to spare. That was his lone field goal, added to five perfect extra points.

Thomas Morstead: C (3.04) Rough day net average wise where he lost the record due to some unfortunate set of circumstances. Some of it was on his gunners, some of it was on poor field position, and some of it was on him for flubbing a couple punts. Still an ok day with a 46 yard average on 6 punts with two inside the 20, but his net was only 29.8. Needless to say that's horrible. His kickoffs were good.

Courtney Roby: B- (2.72) Had one tackle but could have made a better impact.

Travaris Cadet: C- (2.07) His kick return prior to injury was lame at best.


My Defensive Player of the Game: Brodrick Bunkley

My Special Teams Player of the Game: Garrett Hartley

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Saints Nation: Defensive and Special Teams’ Player Grades vs. Panthers

Regardless of the yardage total they give up, you have to feel good about the defense giving up 20 points or less in 5 straight weeks. With an offense like they have, that’s more than enough to get the job done. The Saints did get gashed for an alarming 6.8 yards per carry, but they generated two turnovers and they limited the Panthers’ effectiveness in the passing game. Seems like every week the Saints take away one aspect of an offense and allow another to be successful, and in the end it usually translated into a sub 20 point output. I think I can learn to live with this. Below are the grades.

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Will Smith: C (2.67) He was double teamed often and wasn’t a major threat to Cam Newton. Going up against Jordan Gross is of course no easy task. He finished with 2 tackles.

Cameron Jordan: A- (2.31) By far the most active Saints’ rusher of the game, surprisingly. Hopefully this is something he can build off of, but he was disruptive and constantly chasing Cam Newton, a very tough man to bring down. He finished with 3 tackles and a sack. His sack was flagged for a horse collar, but that decision by Ed Hochuli was so horrendously bad I decided not to let it hurt his grade.

Junior Galette: C- (2.36) A very quiet day overall for Galette who was entirely too neutralized. Makes me wonder if he went out hard on new year’s eve. Just kidding, sort of. He had 2 tackles.

Turk McBride: D (1.83) He came back from an ankle injury that kept him out forever, but he clearly wasn’t right. McBride made no impact and struggled to hold his blocks or create any semblance of pressure.

Sedrick Ellis: C- (2.33) Clearly not interested in getting hurt, the interior defensive line took a game off, plain and simple. They all get C-‘s (except for Johnson which I’ll explain below). This is a season I’m sure he’d love to have over.

Shaun Rogers: C- (2.21) I hope to see more effort in the playoffs. Must be nice to be fat and happy coasting with the best offense in NFL history, right? He had no tackles.

Aubrayo Franklin: C- (2.35) He didn’t play much as Carolina went to so many passing sets, especially after the 1st quarter once they got one dimensional. Not much to grade. He had no tackles.

Tom Johnson: D+ (2.20) He left huge holes up the middle. The Panthers were many times able to blow him completely out of the play and create huge middle running lanes on shotgun inside draws. He had 1 tackle and a qb knockdown.

Scott Shanle: B- (2.42) He was beaten a couple times in coverage and fortunate that Newton lacked accuracy. He was somewhat physical against the run, though, and his best play came on a nice tackle of the mouthy Steve Smith around the line of scrimmage on an end around. He finished with 4 tackles.

Jo-Lonn Dunbar: C+ (2.53) He did lead the team in tackles with 6 and he was physical against the run, but I did feel he left spaces in coverage and he missed a few key tackles on big running plays that kept drives alive.

Martez Wilson: C+ (2.50) He took over for Jonathan Casillas who left early with a re-injured knee. He assumes that blitzer role pretty well, I thought. He finished with two tackles and a mean sack. Unfortunately, he was also flagged for an entirely unnecessary late hit out of bounds on DeAngelo Williams.

Will Herring: C (2.14) Mostly dropped back in coverage on passing downs and did an ok job. His lone tackle came on a run by Jonathan Stewart downfield at the second level.

Ramon Humber: C (2.57)  He was flagged once for defensive holding and his tackles were mostly downfield to limit the damage. He was also beaten in coverage a couple times. He’s a decent role playing backup, not much more. He had 4 tackles.

Jabari Greer: C (2.77) He had 3 tackles and mostly did a pretty good job in coverage all day but he was victimized by Steve Smith pretty badly for a touchdown early in the game. He had his hands full with that idiot. Otherwise, he had a quiet game but was mostly fine. He holds off P-Rob by .01 for the best GPA of the season among defenders.

Patrick Robinson: A (2.76) A very strong outing by Robinson who has gotten much better overall this season. He finished with 4 tackles including one for a loss, which was on a bubble screen he jumped. His ability to recognize that and avoid the blocker has been impressive many times this year. He also made a game changing interception in the Saints’ end zone before athletically keeping both feet in both. One of the more outstanding plays of the season by the defense there.

Tracy Porter: B (2.45) His big play was the fumble recovery to kill a 2nd half Carolina drive and energize the Superdome. He did ok in coverage but was victimized a couple of times. He also had a nice open field tackle. He ended with 4 tackles.

Johnny Patrick: B- (2.56) Did fine in limited coverage reps but his best play was a beautiful open field tackle on Cam Newtown on a 3rd down play to force a punt. If Patrick doesn’t make that tackle it’s probably a first down and he took down a much larger player. Good technique.

Roman Harper: B+ (2.33) Harper got away with a pretty clear pass interference to break up a long end zone pass to Greg Olsen which fell incomplete. Olsen was concussed on the play. His coverage overall was pretty good. He had 4 tackles and 2 defended passes and mostly shut down Jeremy Shockey. He was helpful in run support.

Isa Abdul-Quddus: B (2.38) He played deep and tried to avoid anything over the top from killing the defense and he did his job. I did think he ran up and times to make nice tackles, and the force fumble on Smith was a big play. He had 4 tackles.


John Kasay: A (3.17) He hit all his extra points and his lone field goal attempt from 43 yards. I kind of needed to see him make that kick and I feel like the coaching staff did too. It’ll help his confidence. He put together a pretty solid season I must say.

Thomas Morstead: B (3.48)  The highlight was one kickoff that when through the uprights! He did allow 2 harmless returns, and he blasted a 64 yard punt that went for a touchback.


My Defensive Player of the Game: Patrick Robinson

My Special Teams Player of the Game: John Kasay

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Saints Nation: Defensive and Special Teams Player Grades vs. Panthers

Below are the player grades for the defense and special teams vs. the Panthers.

Will Smith: B+ (2.79) Will Smith was to partly to blame for the big touchdown run DeAngelo Williams had on the second play of the game. He had a clear shot at Williams, but tried to shove him instead of going for his legs/ankles to trip him up. Instead of slowing Williams down, he gave him a little boost to spring free. He made other mistakes against the run and was not at his best as he over pursued the edge allowing gaps. Otherwise, his pass rush was constant and overall fantastic. He finished with 4 tackles, 3 for losses (2 of those sacks) and a forced fumble at the biggest of times. He could have been credited with 3 sacks, but a bobbled snap by Jake Delhomme led to a Smith tackle and was ruled a running play. Smith has played the run better than in this game, but overall he’s had a fantastic season. Half way through the year he’s at 6.5 sacks, so he’s on pace for 13, which would be a career best. He’s already more than doubled his sack total from last year.

Charles Grant: B (2.29) Grant held his ground extremely well in this game and was never really pushed around at the point of attack. He was exceptional against the run disrupting the blocking schemes, setting up the linebackers and defensive tackles to make plays. Several of the running plays that went for losses were a result of Grant’s leverage with runs coming at him. He finished with 3 tackles. His pass rushing was mediocre, but give him a lot of credit for playing fantastic football against the run.
Remi Ayodele: C+ (2.10) Ayodele was better than the last couple of games, but I still struggle to understand the coaching staff’s fascination with him. On the both of Williams’ touchdown runs, Ayodele was wiped completely out of the play. He finished with just two tackles, but was better at holding his ground as the game progressed. I think he struggles more with double teams when Hargrove in the game, which allows teams to be more physical because Hargrove isn’t a great tackle on running downs. Ayodele seemed to have a lot more success with DeMario Pressley lined up next to him.
DeMario Pressley: B- (2.67) Nice adjustment by the Saints. Hargrove wasn’t cutting it on obvious running downs early, so Pressley got a lot of playing time. As the game wore on, Pressley was essentially the “starter” on running downs, and Hargrove came in for him on passing downs. Pressley actually played a pertty good game. Ayodele’s performance as mentioned improved almost immediately with him on the field. He held his ground and the Panthers’ running game started to suffer with Pressley on the field. He finished with 2 tackles, including one very nice one for a loss.
Anthony Hargrove: B+ (2.48) Hargrove was manhandled pretty well early and not looking too good. As the game wore on, though, the Saints put him in positions better suited for his style of play, and he dominated. Hargrove would get an A if he didn’t look so shaky against the run early. He finished with 3 tackles and two fumble recoveries, including one for a touchdown. The replay showed he was clearly down at the 1, so Hargrove was lucky the Panthers were out of timeouts and couldn’t challenge it. He also did well rushing the passer and forcing early throws.
Bobby McCray: D+ (1.86) The only tackle he made was on a 3rd and short running play. On the play, Jonathan Stewart seemed stacked up short of the 1st down, but McCray pushed him forward to the ground to allow him to get the first down. Low IQ play from McCray, who should have recognized the situation and grabbed Stewart to pull him back rather than allowing him to fall to the ground going forward. McCray just isn’t making plays this year, and has performed much worse than he did last year. His GPA as evidence, he has 7 tackles and 1 sack through 8 games. To McCray’s credit, he did an ok job rushing the passer late and put one nice hit on Delhomme as he released the ball. Otherwise, another lame performance. I keep thinking sooner or later he’s going to make a play for the Saints.
Jonathan Vilma: B+ (2.96) Vilma had bad angles on a couple of running plays, including two 3rd and long running plays that allowed the Panthers to secure improbable first downs. Otherwise, he was all over the field as usual and played both fast and physical. 12 tackles, including 2 for a loss. He did miss a couple of coverage assignments on tight ends, most likely because the Saints were so committed to stopping the run.
Jo-Lonn Dunbar: B+ (2.78) Do we even let Fujita start when he’s healthy? Seriously, this young linebacker is just getting better and better! Dunbar is terrific against the run, and VERY physical. The only drawback is he’s very aggressive so he sometimes contains poorly and lacks discipline. Those are things, by the way, that Fujita excels at. He had 8 tackles and played a very good game. I’m glad the Saints decided Dunbar was a better option than Troy Evans. Physically there is just a huge difference between the two. I think Dunbar could be a viable starter for the Saints in the future.
Scott Shanle: B- (2.79) Nice to see Shanle bounce back from what I considered his worst performance of the season. He finished with 4 tackles. He still got pushed around and cleared out of some running plays where he could have had an opportunity to make a tackle, but he showed off some terrific coverage skills against the Panthers.
Jabari Greer: B (3.46) You’ll notice that Greer has the highest GPA among the Saints through 8 games. I know this might not be a popular call (with Brees and Sharper having great seasons), but my vote for team MVP half way through the season is JABARI GREER. He went out with what is apparently a groin injury. He finished the game with just 2 tackles, but consider Steve Smith’s stats: 4 catches for 64 yards. Never has Smith been so limited against the Saints. The Saints need this guy, badly, so hopefully he’s not too banged up.
Tracy Porter: B+ (3.25) Porter was awesome yet again. He forced a BIG fumble to get the Saints back in the game early. Unfortunately Brees threw an INT in the red zone to negate the big play. He was physical, helpful against the run, and pretty good in pass coverage. He finished with 7 tackles and was all over the field.
Randall Gay: B (3.00) Gay came in for Greer and gave medium passing gain once, but otherwise did a reasonably good job. He came blitzing on one play and was able to deflect a pass Delhomme tried to get to Jarrett. He helped his teammates on gang tackles and finished with 3 total. If Greer has to miss a game, I feel ok about Gay holding down the fort, provided it’s temporary.
Malcolm Jenkins: B- (3.11) Jenkins was once again a standout on special teams. Nothing was bigger than the ball he downed at the Carolina 2, which ultimately led to the Hargrove touchdown. Jenkins filled in for Gay in the nickel slot when Greer went down, and was VERY fortunate not to get flagged for pass interference on a big 3rd down play late in the game. He finished with 2 tackles and showed some need for improvement in pass coverage. Clearly, though, he’s the Saints’ best playmaker on special teams. I really believe he needs to be groomed as the heir to Darren Sharper.
Pierson Prioleau: B- (2.84) Prioleau was good in pass coverage the few times he played. He also did a terrific job of recovering the fumble forced by Tracy Porter earlier in the game. He jumped on top of the pile and somehow wrestled the ball away from Panther linemen. Sidenote, I forgot to grade Prioleau last week, but I retroactively gave him a B because he had 5 tackles and played well.
Roman Harper: A- (3.25) The only thing negative I can say about Harper was the pass interference call that got flagged for where the tight end caught the ball anyway. By now we all know that playing pass defense isn’t his forte. He was assigned to play in the box all game and help limit the running game of Carolina. After a bad start, he finished with 12 tackles including 4 for losses. He was fast, active and all over the place. Anytime the Saints made a good play against the run I saw Harper involved. Consider that the Saints fell down 14-0 with about 7 minutes left in the 1st quarter. Carolina would only score 6 points the rest of the day. Give Harper a lot of credit as he was a big reason the Saints were able to turn this game around.
Darren Sharper: B+ (3.21) Sharper, per usual, was extremely good in pass defense. He also had 9 tackles and had two terrific open field tackles (once on Smith and once on Williams) to stop the Panthers from getting huge gains. Delhomme tried to throw a slant pass to Smith near the end zone which Sharper read perfectly and almost picked off. The only negatives were a stupid personal foul hitting Steve Smith out of bounds to give the Panthers 15 yards, and a HORRIBLE angle on the long touchdown run by DeAngelo Williams. That’s twice in two weeks now that he’s allowed a breakaway run for a touchdown by taking a bad angle on the runner. He just doesn’t have the recovery speed anymore to make up for mistakes like that, so once again while Sharper is terrific the Saints were victimized by his limitations.
John Carney: A- (2.67) Can’t say anything bad about Carney. He did his job. He hit a 40 yard field goal right down the middle to give the Saints a 23-20 lead with under 5 minutes to go in the game, which was clutch. He was 3 for 3 on field goals and 3 for 3 on extra points. He doesn’t get an A because he made me nervous, twice, by barely making chip shots just inside the right goal post.
Thomas Morstead: B (3.08) Mixed bag for Morstead. His first kickoff of the game barely made it past the 15, and he had a horrendous punt that was not only short but got a tremendous Panthers bounce. That punt ended up being 22 yards. Still, none of his 3 punts were returned and Carolina had no success returning kickoffs. With the game on the line, he got much better. He had two kickoffs deep in the end zone for touchbacks, preventing a Carolina comeback attempt from getting good field position. His biggest play has a very high monster punt that went 48 yards down to the Carolina 2 yard line, where Malcolm Jenkins downed it.
Courtney Roby: B- (2.71) Roby was good on coverage, forcing a fair catch on Morstead’s first punt. He was disciplined and downed kickoffs deep in the end zone. He took one out and was able to get past the 20. He averaged 23 yards on 2 returns, nothing special there but no mistakes either.

Defensive Player of the Game: Roman Harper
Special Teams Player of the Game: John Carney

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