Saints Nation Podcast: Burning the Bucs to the Ground Edition

Andrew Juge of The Saints Nation stops by to recap the Glorious @#$ kicking of Tampa. Ralph wanted 5-11 when he was heading to the game but it was really nice to have just  great 3 hour fun fest in this awful season. The ceiling on Joe Morgan is what? Andrew gives the Saints credit for sticking with him. The Saints upgraded big time at LB in the off season but what do they look like for 2013? Young Safeties…hell yeah we'll be talking about Bush and the Q! Jimmy Graham's struggles continue but Ralph saw something that made him not too worried. Ralph and Andrew then discuss a theory that the Saints miss Sean Payton during road games and when in-game adversity strikes. Ralph even has a stat to back up his argument and isn't just making stuff up.


Andrew Juge

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