Saints Nation: Jimmy Graham Ranked the 14th Best NFL Player

The NFL Network is once again listing it’s top 100 NFL players this year and all that’s left to unveil is the top 10, meaning 11 through 100 have already been named. Of those, Jahri Evans (32), Jonathan Vilma (58, Darren Sproles (86) were the Saints listed, and Jimmy Graham was the latest at 14. There is almost zero doubt that Drew Brees will fall somewhere in the top 5 once that information gets released to give the Saints five players in the top 100. Carl Nicks, for what it’s worth, came in at 76.

Graham’s ranking at 14 is especially notable because…

he’s the top tight end, coming in 7 spots ahead of the Patriots’ Rob Gronkowski, who just broke an NFL record for receiving yards in a season by a tight end. Granted, Graham and Gronkowski kept flip flopping the last week of the season with that record. He also came up a spot ahead of Andre Johnson, one of the very best pass catchers in all of football. The NFL poll is based on players voting for their peers, so I do think it’s legitimate and an ultimate sign of respect. Obviously NFL players have faced Graham and they realize what a force he is, impossible to contain down the seam.

I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see him in the top 10 next year.

Andrew Juge

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