Saints Nation Guru: Fan Predictions for Bucs Game

Another week of fan predictions, another disheartening loss. But at least I get to post a picture of my beautiful wife and kid as eliza18s, otherwise known as my wife, dominated all of you (and me) in fan predictions this week. This despite Marijn's ridiculous plea to give him the Guru victory this week based on one answer. Eliza18s moves into a tie with the entire readership, practically, for second place, while MarijnPessers remains atop the standings with 2 Guru wins this season. There are three games left so it's still anyone's game.

Here's how Saints Nation Guru works. Every week I ask four questions plus a bonus question for tie breaking purposes. The winner gets recognition in the following week's post, and gets added to the overall standings with weekly wins. At the end of the season, the person with the most weekly wins will receive a $50 gift card to the NFL store to purchase Saints gear (hopefully). To enter, write your predictions in the comment section. Here are this week's questions for the home game against the Buccaneers:

1. Ok let's try this one again without allowing Elbert Mack to screw us all over this time! Who will score the Saints' first OFFENSIVE touchdown? Haha.

2. Which player will score the Bucs' first offensive touchdown?

3. How many times will the Saints sack Josh Freeman?

4. Who will record the Saints' first interception (you may also predict they will not get an interception)?

BONUS: How many kick return yards will the Saints give up this week after such an atrocious showing last week?


Guru Standings:

1. MarijnPessers 2

2. swebbmann 1

2. AllisonSmith 1

2. JamesMorse 1

2. Ellmanov 1

2. SaintsNation 1

2. Eliza18s 1

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