Saints Nation Guru: Fan Predictions for 49ers Game!

Happy Thanksgiving from Saints Nation! I hope you guys have a fun day filled with family, food and watching football. Three NFL games today on the docket so I know what I'll be doing. The winner of last week's Saints Nation Guru is Ellmanov, who picked 3 correct answers out of 4. Ellmanov is now at the top of the standings with AllisonSmith, SaintsNation (me), JamesMorse and swebbmann. Nice job!

This week we're making predictions for the 49ers game. As usual, the person that has the most correct pick wins and gets his profile picture pimped on a blog post… and the overall season winner at the end of the year will get a special prize. I'm thinking a $50 gift card to the Saints' online store. Does that excite everyone? My incentive to win is that I get to keep $50, haha! Make your picks for the 49ers game based on the questions below by putting your answers in the comment section. Good luck!

1. Which player will register the Saints' first sack (you can also pick no one)?

2. How many times will the 49ers sack Drew Brees?

3. Who of the Saints' four backs will lead the Saints in touches (Sproles, Ingram, Ivory and PT)?

4. Which player will score the Saints' first touchdown?

BONUS FOR TIEBREAKER: How many receiving yards will Vernon Davis have on the Saints this time?

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