Saints Nation: Brees and Saints Inch Closer to Deal

The window for Drew Brees to sign a long term deal with the Saints this offseason is closing and the two sides are inching closer to resolution before the July 16th deadline, now just change over a month away. The two sides are back to the bargaining table and the Saints have reportedly raised their offer from $18 million a year to $19 million a year. Brees apparently wants $21 million a year (less than the $23 million a year that was originally reported some time ago), so easy math suggests the sides are about $2 million a year off from each other at this point. It was $3 million a year, so that means we’re getting closer. Brees has been on hold out mode away from the team, and as a result backup Chase Daniel has been running the offseason offense.

The fact that both sides…

are talking again and the slight public mud slinging we saw last week has tempered is a very good sign. You get the feeling $20 million a year, in the end, could put this puppy to bed. The obvious gut reaction to these reports that I can hear most of you screaming right now is “they’re just $2 million off?? What’s the delay?! JUST PAY THE MAN!”. I hear you loud and clear. But remember, the Saints are right up against the cap. $2 million is a lot when you have to be smart about every penny. The bottom line is Mickey Loomis isn’t being a shrewd negotiator to piss off the fan base, or Drew Brees. He’s doing it to field as competitive of a team as possible, and he’s doing it to win. With pure intentions like that it’s hard not to put my faith in him and the process. You should too. We’re getting closer according to the latest reports, and while not what we’d hope to hear, at least it suggests there is light at the end of the tunnel.

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