Saints Nation: Someone Please Revoke Reggie Bush’s Twitter Account

The social media that Reggie Bush is putting out on open forum these days is getting more stupid by the minute. Not that this is anything new, Bush has always been guilty of saying things, via twitter, that get him in trouble. Granted it can be the source of endless entertainment (in the laughing at him instead of with him sense), but at some point you want the guy you’re rooting for to carry himself well and represent the team well. Reggie Bush is doing neither of those things. 

The comedy in all of this is that Bush wrote the following:

“Don’t you hate when people tell jokes but the joke is funnier to them then it is to you? Like they laugh all loud and make it weird!”

Yeah Reggie, we all hate your terrible jokes. The real shame in this is that Reggie Bush’s mouth, err fingers, is burning bridges with his team and his fans in New Orleans. He may be doing this because the writing is on the wall that he’s leaving anyway, but I think that shows how much class he lacks. In addition, at some point you start to damage your stock on the open market. What team wants to mess with a oft injured loud mouth that’s a selfish player? TO fits that description partially, except his production and lack of injuries make him more valuable than Bush. Reggie already has the reputation of being injury prone, having terrible ball security, and a complete inability to set up blockers – always opting to bounce outside instead. He does have game breaking ability as well, no doubt, but the negatives are starting to outweigh the positives, especially if he starts to get labelled as a character problem. Who is really going to pay Bush silly money at this point? I doubt someone out there is dumb enough.

By now I’m sure you’re familiar with Reggie’s antics, but just in case, here are recent tweets:

Right after Mark Ingram was drafted – “It’s been fun New Orleans” followed by peace signs.

“Everybody complaining about the lockout! Shoot I’m making the most of it! Vacation, rest, relaxing, appearances here and there! I’m good!”

“Right about now we would be slaving in 100 degree heat, practicing twice a day, while putting our bodies at risk for nothing.”

“FYI last tweet was a joke! Relax people damn it’s called sense of humor! Cry me a river why don’t you…”

Most recently he’s been in a spat with ESPN loud mouth Skip Bayless. I guess he was offended by negative comments Bayless made to him on air and now he is challenging Bayless to do what he can. I also remember Bush once asking people if they thought the term “no-homo” was offensive to gays.

This all adds up to Bush seriously lacking maturity. The sad thing is at 26, he’s not a kid anymore. He’s supposed to be a veteran and a leader on the Saints. Instead, he’s vacationing, relaxing and making appearances here and there. He’s not practicing with his teammates, he’s working out with media clown Jay Glazer and spending his time making a fool out of himself on twitter. Reggie Bush is starting to show that he lacks the class and character it takes to be a true professional. It becomes more clear to me every day why Drew Brees has been seen so visibly frustrated with Bush on the field. He does not carry himself as a dignified person. At some point you figure someone would step in on his behalf and take away his twitter account. His mom, his agent, his coach… whatever. At some point, the statements he continually puts out there that damage his reputation are not worth the consistent criticism.  

What makes me sad in all this is I like Reggie Bush. I think he’s incredibly talented and I want him to do well. I want him to remain with the Saints and I want him to get over that performance hump to become a complete player. He’s still an incomplete player, and I’m starting to think his lack of maturity is most responsible for that. Whether he’s just stubborn or he’s getting really really bad advice on how to behave, things are going downhill for Bush right now. The good news is he’s such an athlete and likeable guy, he can repair all of this but he needs to start behaving the way he’s shown glimpses of being capable of. He can start by deleting his twitter account and practicing with his teammates. 

Andrew Juge

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