Saints Defensive and Special Teams Player Grades vs. Falcons

The defense did a decent job against the run (81 yards, 3.7 per carry) and kept the Saints and underperforming offense longer than most of us expected. I wouldn’t say this was a good performance by any means but we saw some good things. That said the unit produced no sacks and no turnovers, so […]


Saints Offensive Player Grades vs. Falcons

This was a shocking performance by the offense. It was worse than expected beyond my wildest imaginations. Five sacks and four turnovers is all that really needs to be said. The Saints didn’t block, they didn’t really run the ball, they didn’t sustain drives and they didn’t take care of the football. Top to bottom […]


Falcons bury Saints 30-14

The Saints may have one game remaining at Tampa next week but the season is over. The Falcons win 30-14 and ended it with an exclamation running back a fumble 86 yards for a touchdown on the last play of the game. The Saints had 4 turnovers and the Falcons had none, so that pretty […]


Five things to look for in Falcons at Saints

Well this is as big as it gets in terms of NFL regular season games. Depending on how things go with the Browns at Panthers game, the outcome of this game in New Orleans could either clinch the NFC South for the Saints or eliminate them from any possibility of the playoffs. This is not necessarily […]


Saints Nation Bold Predictions – Falcons – Week 16

Ok, I was a bit negative last week. Saints are not weak, Saints are weird. The comment on borderline still stands. Andrew was so nice to “correct” that to bipolar in last weeks post, while in fact he is making a common mistake. Read this and know that bipolar is something that has to do […]


Saints Nation Guru – Week 16 – Falcons

So that was a nice game. Simple answers though I was unable to watch the game live with a 3 hour drive ahead of me I had to get sleep and could only watch it condensed. I do not think anyone was carted off so that would mean that the answers to last weeks questions […]


Podcast: It’s Falcons week and the Saints’ season is at stake

The boys break down the big win in Chicago and get you ready for the Falcons. They breakdown: The Saints defense being so awesome it got Jay Cutler benched Where did those 7 sacks come from? Will they reappear? Was Rickey Jackson coming out of retirement and getting 3 sacks greatest performance ever? Pierre Warren […]


2014 NFC South Playoff Scenarios

A lot of people are asking me about the playoff scenarios and while you can find this information on a lot of sites out there, I figured I’d put it here too to help clarify things for you on where the Saints stand. The Saints have two games remaining and they need to win at […]


Saints Defensive and Special Teams Player Grades at Bears

Who is this defense and what have you done with our dumpster fire? To be fair I think the effort on the Bears’ offense part was very lackluster. As Keenan Lewis said there was a number of guys who looked like they didn’t really want to play or be out there. Give the Saints credit […]


Saints Offensive Player Grades at Bears

With the way the defense played in this game 31 points was more than enough. The offense can be happy with the overall performance but some opportunities were still squandered. The offensive line play wasn’t great and a few mistakes here and there prevented the Saints from really pouring it on. With tricky conditions you […]


Saints take back NFC South lead with 31-15 road win over Bears

As bad as the Bears have been lately I had a feeling the game could play out this way, but a fumble inside the Bears’ five by Nick Toon on the opening drive had me fearing the worst. That was followed by a missed 51 yard field goal and terror set in. Despite a disastrous […]


Five things to look for in Saints at Bears

This has to be one of the least exciting Monday night football games in Saints history. That seems insane to say when the Saints are still in the thick of the playoff picture but it’s the reality of where we stand given the team’s performance for the better part of a month and a half. […]


There is nowhere to go but up… right?

There are so many different ways I could look at Sundays performance and so many feelings, opinions, and revelations about this year’s team that I could cover. I heavily considered dedicating a large portion of this piece to attacking Junior Gallete for backing up the gaping maw that is his mouth with a pathetic inconsequential […]


Saints Nation Guru – Week 15 – Bears

Aaaah! That is the defense we know. The question now it: Who is this offense? Graham dropped 504 balls on only 68 targets. Ah well not hard to find a theme for the next few questions. Before we do that lets see who is this weeks guru. The answers were: Ehm… not even close! No […]