Saints’ Offensive Player Grades @ Browns

The Saints’ offense had about as horrific of a first half as I’ve seen them have in the Sean Payton era. Only an incredible score on a one on one fade jumpball by Jimmy Graham saved what would have otherwise been a 30 minute disaster. The score gave the Saints 10 points with mere seconds left […]


Saints lose 26-24 to the Browns

For the second straight game a field goal ended the game (there were 3 seconds left in regulation this time). The narrative has always been that the Saints are a different team on the road. I thought the playoff win in Philadelphia put that to rest but it’s hard to argue against that at this […]


Five Things to Look for in Saints at Browns

The best part of the game today is that once it starts we can start focusing on it as fans and at least momentarily leave behind the painful ending of week 1 in Atlanta. I’m not ready to call this game a “must win” but going 0-2 to start the season would be a big […]


Saints seek redemption against the Browns: Week Two scouting report

It’s my fault. That’s right, this guy right here came in firing on all cylinders and proclaimed the Falcons road kill… as it turns out road kill tackles better than the Saints did on Sunday (and frankly is far less odoriferous). Atlanta QB Matt Ryan torched the Saints new look defense for an Atlanta record […]


Saints Nation Guru – Week 2 @ Browns

The turnout last week was awesome! We had a record of 23 people participating. Keep coming back and bring your friends! Check out the rest of our blog as well. We do have awesome writers! We have a winner from last week. It is @Jdup22! He answered 2 questions correct (Q3, Q4)  and was closest […]


Saints Nation bold predictions – Browns – Week 2

The gist of last week was kinda true. Offensively Cooks and Ingram were great. Brees was good though he did not get much TDs. The defense.. not so much. This week we will have one come true! I am sure of it!   Andrew Juge P-Rob has two picks. Saints have zero sacks. (Come on! […]


Blogging with the Enemy – @WFNYCraig of Waiting for Next Year

This week I turned to Craig Lyndall of to talk about the Saints-Browns matchup. Craig is an expert on Cleveland sports in general but he certainly writes about the Browns a significant amount. Many thanks to him for taking the time to answer some questions on the game, and be sure to


Saints’ Defensive and Special Teams Player Grades @ Falcons

Matt Ryan threw for the most passing yards in Atlanta Falcons history. That sort of thing happens when you give a quarterback ample time to survey the field. More frustrating was the fact that Ryan evaded the pass rush the times he was close to getting sacked, despite that not being his strength. The Saints’ […]


Podcast: Heartbreak for Saints in Atlanta

The boys recap the defensive atrocity in Atlanta and look for someone to blame. They also discuss If Rob Ryan’s game plan was to blame What can Saints do at corner? Is a trade possible? Is Drew Brees really an awful road quarterback? Was the Junior Galette extension a horrible idea? SHOULD WE PANIC?!!! A […]


Saints’ Offensive Player Grades @ Falcons

The offense put up 34 points and were effective both running and passing. That should be sufficient for a win, and yet the unit will live with the regret of a couple miscues that left some points out there. And while it’s hard to blame the offense for the loss, the Colston fumble was the […]


Saints lose 37-34 in overtime to Falcons

That was hard to stomach, but the Saints start the season 0-1 behind one of the worst defensive performances I’ve seen by the team. It was reminiscent of the Steve Spagnuolo era. Marques Colston had a critical fumble in overtime to gift wrap it for the Falcons, but make no mistake, this one is entirely […]


Five Things to Look for in Saints at Falcons

We’ve waited a long time for this moment and it’s finally here, the start of the Saints’ 2014 regular season. We’re in for a great ride as always, I’m sure, and I can’t wait to see how it’s all going to unfold. The Saints are being thrown in the fire this year with a road […]


Scouting the Saints Week 1 opponent: Atlanta Falcons

Week 1 is here and you guys know what that means: Falcons hate weak has arrived!!! The New Orleans Saints will be visiting their division rival and ‘little brothers’ the Atlanta Falcons this Sunday to kick off the 2014 season. I am tempted to engage in a great deal of hyperbole outlining exactly how terrible […]


Saints Nation Guru – Week 1 @ Falcons

Answers me these questions 5 and win 50$. So we are off to the first game! Who will become this week’s winner and gain the first Saints Nation Guru of the week title? The person with the most titles at the end of the Saints’ season will win 50$ (or split in case of a […]


Saints Nation bold predictions – Falcons – Week 1

Again we were spot on. Way too bold. So far only 1 of our 30 Bold predictions has come true. But this is the real season. Games that matter. Brees will take every snap and now we can say some real stuff about the game. Funny detail, when I called for bold predictions all 4 […]