Saints Offensive Player Grades at Panthers

The offense were able to move the football early but two turnovers killed chances at scoring. Their first touchdown was a gift from their defense inside the 5. The offense didn’t really do much until they drove 85 yards in under two minutes with no timeouts to score with 3 seconds remaining. The second half […]


Saints bury road woes, beat Panthers 28-10 for division lead

Drew Brees in this postgame said that championship teams get better every week and the Saints need to find a way to get better every week. For three weeks since the bye, we’ve seen this team get better and better. The Saints could have easily allowed to two opening drive turnovers to affect their confidence […]

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Five thing to look for in Saints at Panthers

Gameday!! The Saints play their third game in eleven days. And while that sucks for preparation and the bodies of the players, it’s kind of awesome for us the fans. The more games in a short amount of time the better, I say. I bet Roger Goodell agrees. After all, money trumps player safety, doesn’t […]


Scouting report week 9: Saints at Panthers

WOW!!! Wasn’t that beautiful guys? Well.. after the first couple of huge plays by Green Bay anyway. Take out Lacy’s screen play and the Cobb TD and the Saints absolutely DOMINATED the Green Bay Packers in a way we haven’t seen since last year’s game against Carolina. Speaking of the kittycats we play them tonight thanks […]


Saints Nation Bold Predictions – Panthers – Week 9

This was a pretty amazing weekend Saints wise. There was a lot of unexpected stuff. Corey White getting an INT, tripling the total INTs, Cooks finally being used as he was supposed to… So what did that mean for our bold predictions? I must give it to Andrew Juge; Aaron Rodgers breaks a single game NFL […]


Saints Nation Guru – Week 9 – Panthers

A quick writeup this time because I do not have much time, just as the Saints only have 4 days to prepare themselves. So the answers were: 3 is the number of Tackles Hakeem Nicks… Oh wait I am not Ralph, Akiem Hicks has, Brees was sacked twice, Lewis had 0 defended passes and Hell […]


Podcast: Saints Destroy Packers, Face Panthers for 1st Place

The boys recap all the joy of the Saints crushing of the Packers plus Mark Ingram being spectacular, can he get 1000 yards? Drew Brees throwing deep passes Will Brandin Cooks breakout last? Is Cam Jordan back to 2013 form permanent? Should Saints trade for a CB? Can new Rob Ryan no blitz plan hold […]


Saints Defensive and Special Teams Player Grades vs. Packers

Bend but don’t break is a good way to describe the defensive effort. But turnovers have been hard to come by so getting three in one game was a really pleasant change. What’s hard to believe is that after giving up that 70 yard touchdown pass on the opening drive the Packers wouldn’t get in […]


Saints’ Offensive Player Grades vs. Packers

The offense put up 44 points, rushed for 193 yards, had a quarterback rating of 138.4 and outperformed the mighty Aaron Rodgers for a win. What more couple you possibly ask for? Yes, they left some points out there with drives that stalled, unbelievably, but the Saints offense was mostly firing on all cylinders. Top […]


Saints Whip Packers 44-23

As the Falcons, Panthers and Bucs all lost today in last second fashion, the refrain of how bad the NFC South is was strong as ever. But the Saints wouldn’t be included in that mess today. The Saints are now 3-0 at home on the season and being back in the Dome seems to be […]


Five Things to Look for in Packers at Saints

Whatever has been going on in the Superdome with Sean Payton coaching that has led to an 18 game win streak, you better hope it’s true magic that still burns bright. All signs point to that streak coming to a screeching halt tonight. There’s being an optimistic fan and there’s being realistic. The Packers are […]


Week 8 scouting report: Green Bay Packers

At this point I am no longer going to try to predict what we will see from this team from week to week. One minute they look like one of the most dominant teams in the league (56 minutes of Sunday), and then they detonate all that hard work in two awful plays. One was […]


Saints Nation Guru – Week 8 – Packers

First of all, here is the long awaited Saints Nation Guru artwork made by Cody Jones. It looks awesome! Follow him an get in contact with him if you want to outsource some designer work! His twitter account is 


Saints Nation Bold Predictions – Packers – Week 8

I loved you guys joining in and adding to the bold predictions! The Lewis pick 6 came close.. Pick was true, the 6 was not. Andrew Doyle’s week 5 prediction of the Saints winning the rest of the season was true for nearly 2 games. Not the rest of the season. Seems Payton needs to […]

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Saints tickets 33% above average for Packers game

The New Orleans Saints have quite a test on their hands in Week 8, as they welcome Aaron Rodgers and the high-flying Green Bay Packers to town. It’s a classic matchup of two of the game’s best quarterbacks, guiding two of the league’s most potent offenses. These Saints/Packers clashes almost always yield a ton of […]