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Terron Armstead injury complicates Andrus Peat’s development

By now we’ve all been clued in to the fact that Saints star left tackle Terron Armstead will be spending the beginning of training camp on the Physically Unable to Perform list (PUP). On the surface that feels quite alarming because of how valuable Armstead is to the team. I’d rate him right up there […]


Why Drew Brees and the Saints are both doing the right thing

As I’m sure most of you are by now aware Drew Brees hasn’t had any kind of contract talks with the Saints in about 3 months. This is on the surface a very curious announcement as Brees is a free agent after this season, and his franchise tag will carry over 40 MILLION dollars behind […]


Byrd and Spiller: A tale of two disappointments

The New Orleans Saints spent a ton of money these past two seasons on two players with high pedigrees: safety Jarius Byrd two years ago and running back CJ Spiller last year. Neither has worked out for the team to this point, and in certain cases, for similar reasons. However, despite the similarities, one projects […]


Where the Saints 90 man roster stands: locks, bubble guys and camp bodies

With training camp nearing I figured I’d put together a quick summary of where everyone stands going in. I’ve listed five different categories below: locks, probables, bubble guys, outside looking in and longshots. This is where I view the 90 guys on the team so far. Injuries, form and luck will of course influence many […]


Ranking the 51 1st round picks in Saints history

The Saints have made 51 1st round selections in their team history if you include rookie Sheldon Rankins this year. During that period there’s been a lot of busts and a lot of success stories. Below I’ve ranked them 1-50 (Rankins unranked for now) giving you a sense of how the Saints have fared with […]


Saints Happy Hour Podcast: Worst Saints QB Tournament

The boys try to survive 2 more offseason shows. They talk Anquan Boldin move that never happened. They start a ‘Worst Saints QB’ Tourney. Things get heated. They also take Twitter questions and remind folks spots in Saints Happy Hour fantasy leagues are filling up fast. Donate just $1 a month and become a Saints […]


Why the Saints should say ‘No Thanks’ on aging vets

Like any group of people Saints fans always love to get worked up about the ‘new toy at Christmas’ and then immediately get bored with it and move on when something equally shiny or new comes along. Less than a week ago all Saints fans could talk about was the potential of next year’s receiving […]


Remembering the Saints first ever playoff win

To celebrate 50 years of New Orleans Saints Football, we go back in time to remember some of the franchise’s greatest moments. It was December 30th, 2000. It was 1:55 pm when my father parked the car outside the Louisiana State Medical Society parking lot, a few blocks from Poydras and Girod.   Our feet hit […]


A closer look at the Saints 2016 schedule

After finishing the 2015 NFL season 7-9 and in third place in the NFC South, the New Orleans Saints were given a third-place schedule for the 2016 season. It’s a favorable collective of matchups for New Orleans. Unfortunately, that third-place schedule makes up just 1/8 of the team’s total slate, and the rest does it […]


Saints Happy Hour Podcast: No Saint was arrested this summer!

Ralph makes a sacrifice to the Audio Gods, the boys celebrate no Saints player getting arrested in the summer! They answer Twitter questions, Ralph Announces the Saints Happy Hour Podcast Fantasy Leagues. Birthday gifts for Benson They Also talk Trump VP Picks, because YOLO,Pokemon Go, and Who will be this years Brandon Browner. Donate just […]

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Remembering Saints CB Dave Whitsell’s unforgettable 1967 season

This is the 50th season of the New Orleans Saints but if you know the history you know that things were not always that exciting until Tom Benson purchased the team in 1985. The Saints would not make their first playoff game until 1987 and they wouldn’t win their first playoff game until 2000. Before all […]


Who is the most underrated player on the Saints?

I stumbled on this ESPN article yesterday and it listed Cam Jordan as the most underrated player on the Saints. It requires insider access, so in case you don’t have it, here’s what it said: Our play-by-play database goes back to 1989, and in that time frame, last season’s Saints were the worst defense we’ve […]


Three players who will have the biggest impact in 2016

First of all let’s define impact here. I’m not just talking about production here, Cam Jordan, Drew Brees, and Terron Armstead are the best 3 players on this team, period.  In this particular case when I say impact I’m talking about the swing players, the guys who will either help the team ascend by playing […]


Drew Brees will leave eventually, how much does the way it ends matter?

Drew Brees is in the final year of his contract and there’s tons of questions, speculation and uncertainty surrounding the future. There’s been some negotiations about an extension, but so far Brees is set to test the free agency market next offseason. He’s also set a deadline of the start of the season as a […]