Podcast: Saints disaster in Dallas

The boys recap the Saints meltdown in Big D. They give an autopsy of the destruction in Dallas plus Ralph wonders how all the young talent on defense went to crap Is 2014 what 2012 would have been if Payton wasn’t suspended? Everyone says what was the worst part of the nightmare Andrew breaks down […]


Saints embarrassed by Cowboys in Dallas 38-17

The Saints lost on the road again, but this time it wasn’t by a last second game winning field goal. Instead, they were completely outplayed in all phases as they lost 38-17. The score was 24-0 at halftime in favor of the Cowboys and the game was never in doubt. Many will wonder what has […]


5 Things to Look for in Saints at Cowboys

Gameday! The Saints are looking to get back to .500 in Dallas tonight on the big stage. I think we’ll all feel a lot better about the team’s chances if the Saints can pull this off. If they don’t, at 1-3, doubt immediately creeps back in. That’s the reality of a much smaller margin of […]


Saints bring their own ‘popcorn’ to big D: week 4 scouting report

It wasn’t pretty, it certainly wasn’t the glorious show of force many of us expected and desired; but in a way it might have been better. The Saints proved something on Sunday and it wasn’t just that they won’t put the nail in their own coffin by going 0-3, what the Saints proved is that […]


Saints Nation Guru – Week 4 – Cowboys

Boy am I glad JDup22 had the bonus question way off (by 41 yards) or this would have been the most lopsided guru victory very soon! He had 3 answers correct. The answers were: No, still no points given up on the first drive. Cadet ran the ball twice. The first TD was scored by […]

Drew Brees, Tony Romo

The Saints own the Cowboys since 2006 because Drew Brees owns Tony Romo

When you talk about the Saints-Falcons rivalry since 2006 (in the Sean Payton) many fans will point to the 2006 and forward head to head record between the two clubs as evidence to why the Saints “own” them. While the Saints play the Cowboys less due to the fact that they’re not in the same division, […]


Saints Nation Bold Predictions – Cowboys – Week 4

Looking at last weeks predictions… Robinson ran indeed for more yards than Peterson. Even Patrick Robinson ran for twice the number of yards. That call is void with Peterson not even playing. Saints did get a win. And looking by the way they got it, as ugly as it was, it does count as a valid […]


Saints’ Defensive and Special Teams Player Grades vs. Vikings

Degree of difficulty be damned, the Saints gave up 9 points. I think you can pretty much guarantee the Saints would never lose if the defense could keep opponents out of the end zone for an entire game. Yes the Vikings were missing Adrian Peterson and their starting quaterback was seriously injured early in the […]


Podcast: Saints Defeat Vikings! Hooray 1-2!

The boys recap the Saints first win over the Vikings and discuss If the defense turned the corner? Kevin explains why Vikings fans are the worst! Will the turnover drought ever end? Is the running back to mediocre without Mark Ingram? Was the Drew Brees Suplex done proper WWE Style? Is Minnesota all out blitz […]


Saints’ Offensive Player Grades vs. Vikings

This was a disappointing performance by the offense. After jumping out to a quick 13-0 lead at home, it felt like this would be a vintage steamroll blowout type game. But the offense would stall from there with a series of miscues, drops, penalties, poor blocks, bad passes, and more. And it took a personal […]


Saints get first win over Vikings 20-9

To win 20-9 at home against an opponent this weak confirmed our fears more than it put them to rest, but a win is a win and the Saints now have something to build on. Without Adrian Peterson the Vikings rushed for 59 yards at 2.7 yards per carry, so his absence obviously made an […]


Five things to Look for in Vikings at Saints

The first home game of the season is upon us and this feels like a must win given the Saints’ 0-2 start. If they lose this game, a game they are the overwhelming favorite in, an 0-3 start pretty much kisses any chance at the playoffs goodbye in my mind. Rebounding from that would take […]


Minnesota gets a Viking funeral: Saints scouting report week 3

Tell me if you have heard this one before; the Saints are by far the better team here and should win this game by a landslide. That was the case week 1, was the case last week against Cleveland, and is the case this week against Minnesota. They key word there of course is should. […]


Saints Nation Guru – Week 3 – Vikings

Upset alert! JDup22 is going to take an early lead. We better have a good time throwing the ball because he has done it for 2 consecutive weeks. He has proven to be the Saints Nation Guru. The answers to last week were: No. The first drive was about the only time the Saints D […]