Saints Nation Guru – Week 13 – Steelers

I myself did something stupid, I forgot to answer the questions. How could that happen to the writer of this Guru post each week? Well life happened and I was so busy last weekend, got so little sleep that I was not able to set the alarm clock for the Saints game. In hindsight that […]


Saints Defensive and Special Teams Player Grades vs. Ravens

I have to say I’m surprised the Saints held the Ravens to 34 points (7 of those weren’t even the defense’s fault) given how bad they played. This defensive performance could’ve easily resulted in a 50 point yielding. It was that bad. The team’s ability to stop the run has gone from marginal to incapable. […]


Podcast: Saints fall to Ravens, depression, panic, and sadness

Andrew and Ralph recap the Saints third straight loss at home to the Ravens. They also discuss If Saints secondary no longer NFL quality anymore Why the defense is historically bad at third down last two weeks How much of the 2014 Saints defensive issues are Rob Ryan’s fault? Joe Morgan is BAAAACK! Drew Brees […]

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints

Saints Offensive Player Grades vs. Ravens

27 points feels nice but one touchdown came late in what felt like garbage time and we’ll look back on this game and live with a lot of regrets offensively. This offense missed a lot of opportunities. A 4th and 1 at the 1 where Ingram was stuffed. A goal line target to Jimmy Graham […]

Baltimore Ravens v New Orleans Saints

Saints lose third straight home game 34-27 to Ravens

Hard to believe the Saints clawed their way back to 4-4 and got themselves in a position to enjoy a three game homestand only to lose all three games. The Saints remain tied with the Atlanta Falcons for the NFC South division lead at 4-7. How comical is that? In this game, the Saints had […]

Pierre Thomas

Five Things to look for in Ravens at Saints

As I write this I have no clue who won the game between the Browns and Falcons, but you will know by the time you read this. If by some miracle the Browns won (which I don’t expect) this will be an opportunity for the Saints to reclaim first place in the division. If the […]


Baltimore and beyond: Saints will find the light

Thomas Fuller must have been thinking of the Saints when he coined the phrase ‘the night is darkest before the dawn’ (paraphrased and I looked up who said it to be fair). The only question that remains about this season in my book is whether these last couple days are the ‘darkest’… or if it […]


Saints Nation Bold Predictions – Ravens – Week 12

So far Brees has not had a turnover. Andrew Juge will have 2 more games to make good on this prediction. I was way off with my bold prediction since Hill and Green both each scored over 10 points. I wish I still was correct since I did not need them to win my FF […]


Saints Nation Guru – Week 12 – Ravens

So this season is a joke. Nothing is more a joke then the whole NFC South. Saints are losing at home twice in a row now.. Even if the Saints make the postseason they will lose to any team at home. Who is not losing is jdup22 in the guru. He is still in the lead. […]


Kick against the Saints and become a Hall of Famer!

I’ve been asking this question for months now and no one ever gives me an answer on twitter. The question is “who is the last kicker to miss against the Saints”? We always joke that it was some time in the 80s, or even the 70s, but seriously it’s starting to get ridiculous. What prompted […]


Saints Defensive and Special Teams Player Grades vs. Bengals

The Bengals finished with 405 yards but it was their 3rd down conversions that hurt the most (9 for 13). No distance feels safe on 3rd down for this unit right now, as evidenced by the Bengals being able to pick up a 1st on a 3rd and 8 run, or a 3rd and 18 […]


Podcast: Saints Fall to Bengals, Season on the Brink

The boys discuss the Saints getting housed by Cincinnati plus Examine the corpse of the defense Were Saints flat? Have Saints ever been worse on 3rd down? Why did run game stink? Are the injuries to Brandin Cooks Rafael Bush too much to overcome Who is gonna play safety? Does it even matter? With secondary […]

Ravens prepare for New Orleans

Despite being 4-6 and dropping two straight games, the New Orleans Saints can still win the NFC South and make the playoffs for the second year in a row. It’s been a rough journey, but thanks to a weak division this year, Drew Brees and company can easily win their division (possibly even with a […]


Saints Offensive Player Grades vs. Cincinnati Bengals

The Saints put up 10 points at home against the 30th defense in the NFL. Granted the defense allowed such long clock draining drives, that didn’t help, but the bottom line is the production wasn’t good enough. The Saints put up 75 yards on the ground and 2.9 per carry against a defense that was […]