The Saints finally get to start on the road to AZ

It’s a strange feeling to finally have the season starting. Today the Saints finally get to don the Black & Gold and take the field for the first time as a team in the 2014 season (I don’t count OTA’s). There are a lot of expectations and most if not all of them are entirely […]


The three biggest things to accomplish going through camp for the Saints

With camp starting today I started thinking about what this team really wants to accomplish as they get ready for week 1 of the regular season. They want to avoid injuries, of course, but some of those will come. It’s the nature of football. Beyond that I see three clear areas where the focus needs […]


Saints sign NT Tyrone Ezell and LB Marcus Thompson

The Saints made a couple of roster moves to their 90 man team yesterday as they prepare for camp, which starts tomorrow. The new additions are nose tackle Tyrone Ezell and linebacker Marcus Thompson, and they released NT Moses McCray and LB Cheta Ozougwu. All four players are undrafted rookie free agents, so the odds […]


Which position can the Saints least afford an injury besides quarterback?

Maybe it’s the cynic in me but every time training camp starts I immediately worry about the starters that won’t make it through and healthy coming into week 1 of the regular season. Kenyon Coleman, Will Smith, Victor Butler and Joseph Morgan were a few that had things end for them in 2013 before they […]

graham again

Thoughts on the Jimmy Graham signing

I know it’s late but here are my thoughts on the Jimmy Graham signing. I’m not going to go back on what I said due to the excitement because he’s back. Yes, I know I’m on record as saying the Saints should trade him and I stand by that. I think the return on a […]


Saints now have just under $5 million in cap space for 2014

After the Jimmy Graham contract the Saints’ cap room stands are just under $5 million in space. That’s because while Graham’s deal is for $13 million in year one, a lot of that is bonus money which prorates over the life of the deal against the cap. So Graham’s cap figure is $4 million for […]


Top 101 All Time Saints Players, 1-9

Our final segment on the top 101 Saints players of all time finally comes to a close and most of these last ones should be of no surprise. Thanks for reading along, this has been a really fun feature for me to revisit some of the greats in team history. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed it as […]


Who are the top 10 most overrated players in the league today?

To be clear this is my list of the players who I believe are the most overrated in the game today. The criteria for being overrated to me is not reliant on the player being poor, simply to not live up to the billing given to them. There are a lot of players in the […]


Jimmy Graham signs long term extension with the Saints

It’s official, we can move on and start talking about other things now. Jimmy Graham has signed a long term deal with the Saints and will be with the team for the foreseeable future. Graham was the one to break the news to twitter this morning himself:   It’s official I’m bleeding black and gold […]


Top 101 All Time Saints Players, 10-19

As we close in on the top 10 (top 9 since I’m revealing #10 here) we are now really zeroing in on the best the franchise has had to offer. My favorite of this list has to be Marques Colston, who still has time to move up this list and re-write the Saints record books. […]


Top 101 All Time Saints Players, 20-29

As we wait impatiently for Jimmy Graham to sign on the dotted line, we can at least celebrate that even if he never plays for the Saints again he’s already at #20 on my all time list. After this run of 10 players we’ll be left with only the top 19 and this exercise will […]


Forget the Cavs… LeBron is joining the Saints!!!

The NFL won its fight with Jimmy Graham over whether the position he plays is wide receiver of tight end and he hasn’t signed yet. That means until training camp starts there is nothing of interest for us to really write on; we have engaged in hyperbole, theorized over who will and will not succeed, […]

Saints Bobby Hebert 1991

Top 101 All Time Saints Players, 30-39

Here’s the next installment with a fresh list of elite players in Saints history. I have a feeling some of you may argue that some of these should be lower, but that’s the beauty of a list purely compiled by me (evil laughs). 39. DE/DT Jim Wilks (1981-1993) Like Frank Warren is omission from a […]


Three Saints make the NFL Network 2014 Top 100 list

The NFL Network finally revealed the final part of its top 100 list and the entire list featured three Saints players. It comes as perhaps very little surprise that those three players are Drew Brees (#6 overall), Jimmy Graham (#10 overall) and Cameron Jordan (#99 overall). This list is always made up of player votes. […]